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In advanced cases of Phthsis with early morning diarrhoea, when SULPHUR is indicated but which will aggravate if given, this medicine is useful : RUMEX  CRISPUS.

Dr. Kent. M.D.

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How do we know sulphur will aggravate? What about the use of baccilinum or tuberculinum? Are we looking for specific symptoms in order to know that rumex is indicated? See your recent post

More from kent about Rumex : This is a great remedy to do patch work with in Phthisis. It has the gushing morning diarrhea of Sulphur. Rumex will palliate; it will allay the extreme sensibility of the lungs, will ward off the sensitiveness to cold and will patch him up. Rumex is not as deep as Sulphur, but it is an antipsoric.

 Rumex is one of the most valuable palliatives in advanced phthisis. It will often  carry a case through another winter.  So kent is talking here about its use in advanced Phthisis where palliation is the option available.


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