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Potentised Calcium prepartions support the healing process. They facilitate the healing of rickets  considerably.

Calc Carb  - Chubby, quiet children, who feel clammy to touch.

6x  - 30 x.  Perspiration especially in the occipital area and extremities.

Calc phos  Lively , restless children. Lean but frequently extended abdomen. Perspiration on head, hands and feet. Enlarged tonsils.

Calc acet.  Chubby, pale, lymphatic children. Tendency to sour diarrhea or to constipation. Sensitivity to bronchitis.

Calc Fluor. Lean children, flacid tissue. small hard glands. Cari

Besides the calcium containing remedies the suitable constitutional remedies are favorable for healing process, even though they are not true ricket remedies. These are especially Ferrum phos, Nat. Mur, Lycopodium, Phos, Silica, Staph and Sulph.

Stauffer starts every rickets therapy with a dose of Sulf 30 x.

Dr. Hedwig Imhauser,  M.D.


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