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There is a lack of everything. It is the most psoric remedy. When your patient tells you a lot of times; "I have not enough of this and not enough of that" then you should think about Psor.
"I have not enough energy".
"I have not done my duty as I should have."
"I am not enough loved."
"I have not enough money."
"I don't know enough."
"I think I will fail everything I do."
think about psorinum. So that feeling of not having enough attention, help, support by others is very characteristic of Psor.

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Delusons, poor; he is. 

Fear of Poverty

Avarice      All these  also have Psorinum.

Really, all the symptoms absolutely psoric.

Good reminder.


Thank you for this reminder on psorinum. Do you think it is flourishing during our present hard economic times? 

Thank you Friends.

Thanks Dr Aamir. Nice symptom reminder of Psorinum.

Roger Morrison, in his desktop guide to keynotes and confirmatory symptoms mentions that "The essence of Psorinum is poverty. There is a California term which describes the personality quite well: "Poverty cosciousness".

Anxiety & hopelessness about the future. Pessimism.

Deep anxiety states with restlessness & anguish

Despair of recovery.

Suicidal thoughts & feelings

Fears: Poverty, health, Cancer, Future, Failure.

Thank you Kavitha, provide very nice information.

Sir,Thank you for the Good presentation of Psorinum. The Psorinum patients feels helpless at a point in life where they feel there is absolutely no hope of recovery and at this point of despair for recovery from illness, financial losses, a state of helplessness triggers deep forsaken feelings in them. When A deep sense of hopelessness, in capacity for performance of duties, undertaking of responsibilities, tasks, engenders not only pessimism, negative forebodings, anguish and anxiety about their future, they heighten the feeling of being forsakened and in such depressive states of mind, dwells on suicide as solution to miseries of their life.

The state of forsaken feeling is also seen in remedies such as Aurum met, Mag Carb, Platinum met, Puls etc.

Thanks to your valueable comments Vydyandath.S


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