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General occurence of migraines is estimated at 5% of total population. It can occur at any age. All migraine remedies described in the literature can be successfully applied with children as well when the symptoms are similar. Among them Digitalis covers almost all migraine symptoms.

In the majority of cases I have given Digitalis 3x, rarely 4x, 3 drops t.i.d are given on the tongue before meals. I have not observed any side effects with these potencies. In 1 case where I experimentally gave 2x, the child complained about a "strange" feeling in the mouth. There was generally a feeling of ill being. Here we are dealing with the cummulative effects of Digitalis because of too low a potency.

Digitalis therapy is administered in intervals.
For how long? For about 1 year with pauses of 10 days at the most. When after 8 weeks the attacks occur with continued strength and frequency, the therapy can be stopped. In such a case nothing can be expected from Digitalis.

~ Dr. Hedwig Imhauser, M.D.


Dr Aadil Talks About Digitalis

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