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Gentian, Gorse and Sweet Chestnut are the "hopeless" remedies.
The Gentian state of mind is one of doubt and discouragement.
The Gorse state of mind is one of hopelessness and deep depression.
The Sweet Chestnut mind is in utter despair, anguish and loneliness.

The Gentian people are discouraged and disheartened when things go wrong, but they are not hopeless as are the Gorse types, who believe, when told nothing further can be done for them, that they must put up with their complaint and it is useless to make any further effort.

The Gentian folks will try again, ask further advice and make further efforts inspite of their doubts of the results.

On the other hand, those suffering from the Sweet Chestnut state of mind have endured such mental and physical torture that they have reached the limit of their endurance. They are beyond feeling hopeless or doubtful, they feel there is nothing but destruction and annihilation to face, for they are alone and foresaken.

~ V. Krishnamoorty

The American Chestnut Foundation's efforts to restore the American chestnut tree.

Once an essential part of culture, this cradle to grave tree provided food to feed stock and wildlife, furniture, shade, and more. The blight originated in the Chinese Chestnut tree. Many volunteers are replanting seedlings. 

A stand of American chestnut trees in western Wisconsin has been the site of a biological control study for twenty years. The 8-10 American chestnuts that were planted on the West Salem, WI property in the mid-1880s have resulted in 3,000-4,000 chestnut offspring, spread over 50 acres, and ranging in diameter from a few inches to several feet. 

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A chronic case or a person who has been medicated by various systems of medicine for quite a long time is likely to have the state of hopelessness of Gorse and a physician can gauge it from the quality and type of interaction he has with the it would be prudent to start the case with Gorse and asking the patient to take it and come very next week,wherein he would have gained confidence and hope to further interact with the physician.When hopelessness is accompanied with doubts Gorse can be combined with Gentian.Patients skepticism about the homeopathy in the face of his failure with allopathy and other systems too can be set right with Gentian.Doubts about prognosis leading to depression are also answered by Gentian.I have used both these remedies in patients when situations called for it.

Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions..

I find Bach flower remedy often convenient to administer in certain specific cases and found these remedies quite ‘handy’ and useful.Each flower remedy helps to dissipate a specific unpleasant emotion. It helps a person to cope up with day to day stress and stressful life events. This therapy can be applied to transform (acquired)undesirable character traits into positive aspects.


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