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In psoriasis the first influence of Arsenic is to make the eruption redder and more inflammed. This fact, if not known, would lead to the suspension of the medicine just when it commenced to do good; at the same time, it is unnecessary to give it in doses sufficiently large to do this.

~ Dr Ringer.

Essays On Homeopathy by S.P. Day

A good number of my articles, editorials etc, on different topics were published in different journals, souvenirs etc. at different times. Many of my students and disciples were requesting me for a pretty long time to compile these scattered materials and publish them in the form of a booklet for the benefit of the profession. Most of these compilation have been taken up from “The Homoeopathic Heritage”, “The Indian Journal of Homoeopathy” and various souvenirs. Most humbly l believe that these materials might be of some value and help to many of the students and practitioners of Homoeopathy. With this end in view, l decided to comply with the long standing request and demand of many of my dear students and colleagues.

To add special importance and also interest of all categories of readers (both old and new), l have incorporated some of my unpublished articles in this booklet. l shall feel myself delighted if this compilation be of some help and guide for the students and the practitioners as well.

l thank C. Ringer & Co. for their Keen interest in publishing this booklet within a very short time.

l am also thankful to Dr Bishnu Sana, Dr Kalyan Bhattacharya, Dr Kankar Bhattacharya and Dr B.C. Mullick for Collecting, arranging and compiling the articles in a presentable form.

S.P. Dey

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