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Click to October 20, 2010 Show

In this weekly Radio Show I will speak about the use of homoeopathic remedies for the garden in a practical way.

The first show will have two segments - Nothern and Southern Hemisphere - because in the north Autumn is there and in the South, Spring is there.

The north will learn how to prepare the garden for winter - how to use remedies to keep fungi under control and speed up composting, how to protect plants from frost and snow, both by traditional means and by remedies. We shall talk about how acidic soil can be made neutral and how alkaline soils can achieve the same. We give advise about pruning and clipping and the remedies to use to avoid complications. We will demonstrate how each type of soil has its own nutrient problems and how to solve them with the use of homoeopathy.

The South will learn what you can do to avoid weeds spoiling your garden by using homoeopathic remedies. We will show with practical examples how to get your flowers abundant and your plants hardy against spring rains that cause fungal diseases. How you can avoid waterlogged land through compost and remedies. We shall give practical tips on seedling success and transplanting seedlings without loss. How to get rid of snails and other insects. And all of this with the help of homoeopathy.

Listeners can pose questions in the chatbox at HWC and we shall do our best to answer them all. Remember, this is a weekly show, so your questions must be relevant to the subject discussed. It is no use to ask about problems faced in the mid winter or summer. We come to that in due course of time.


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