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I want to know how alcohol affects a person when taken after dinner or after meals?  I want to know alcohol's bad effects and if it really does harm, especially in chronic alcoholic drinkers with the addition of heavy smoking 4-5 packets in a night. If anyone has any ideas please guide me.

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Hello Dr Pooja Rana, I wonder the same question. I have a patient that craves alcohol after meals. It's like he doesn't feel satisfaction unless he can drink a beer. Beer is his favorite alcoholic beverage, never anything else, and he is a smoker. He never knew his dad, and his mother was an alcoholic so would you call that hereditary? In chemistry class we learned that alcoholic beverages are broken down by the body into formaldehyde first, then the body has to work really hard to filter that out (liver & kidneys). Then someone else told me that alcohol turns into I wonder if there is candida in the intestines that causes the craving along with the craving for the euphoria that goes along with drinking alcohol. If there is enough candida or overgrowth of the wrong bacteria in the intestines then you would have to wonder if the individual is absorbing nutrients from their food. That is what your question is right? How does alcohol after a meal affect the body's ability to metabolize the food they just ate?
Have you learned anything new since you posted this question that you could add?
Always a student,

thank u Vickie, i am very happy that atleast someone has replied. yeah u got my question right; How does alcohol after a meal affect the body's ability to metabolize the food they just ate?
but dear my question is still same, i didnt got any correct answer yet. & i have not learned anythng in this aspect since the time i posted this question as u can see i didnt got any response, so........... only one thing i learned & that is strophantus Q really works very gud to get rid of alcoholism, only this much, nothing else.
to your case it can b herditary but i m not sure.

tk cr n stay happy :-)

Dr Pooja Rana,
I have taken Nutrition class at the Boise State University, and Chemistry and found in the books that the first step when alcohol is metabolised is it turns into formaldehyde. Then the body must use valuable energy to break it down real fast and dispose of it. Sounds like close to a fight or flight response but more internal. With the urgent task of cleaning house it sounds like the blood supply would be pulled away from the digestive tract so function continues, (moving food thru the digestive tract) but I found in my nutriton book a referece that may help you. C. S Lieber, Alcohol: Its metabolism and interaction with nutrients, (article in book or journal) Annual Review of Nutrition 20 (2000); pgs 395-430.
My text book says "chronic alcohol abuse not only displaces nutrients from the diet, but also interferes with the body's metabolism of nutrients. Most dramatic is alcohol's effect on the B vitamin folate. The liver loses its abiltiy to retain folate, and the kidneys increase their excretion of it...creates folate deficiency that devastates the digestive system."
I see the remedy you listed. I will have to find it in the Materia Medica and learn about it. I have patient who has had lifetime of alcoholism (hereditary), and has quit for 4 months; I have patient that is still drinking hard liquor but only 1/2 as much since starting homeopathy and psychological counseling (NBWS diss. of Love history of sexual abuse); then still another who is in marriage counseling has craving for beer only, obstinate desire,(hereditary); and another that has variety of drugs & alcohol, this one is improving with homeopathy (history; shock from seeing father dead) father passed from heart attack in the night. So I have been studying Op, Alcoholis, Avena Sativa, Morphininum, Carboneum Sulphuratum, too. I hope I will be able to find the remedy you gave me and learn about it too.
You take care too,

thank u so much Dr. for bringing this to consideration. i am still waiting for positive responses.




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