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Thanks for creating this group.. addiction is one of my specialties..
having been there, and done that "in spades" .. I sometimes find the views of "outsiders" (or "normies" in the 12 step vernacular) to be odd .. sometimes quite rigid & moralistic. Certainly it is understandable that people who've never been addicted ... cannot know what it is like.. but if a homeopath / healer wishes to help a suffering individual, s/he needs a bit of compassion and a bit of insight to go with the knowledge of homeopathy.
There do seem to be plenty of homeopaths who dabbled in entheogenic research .. I've had some lively remeniscenses with some well known homeopaths about LSD.
Finding what it is that makes one person able to use entheogens in their "prescribed manner" (haha) as ways to open the mind to alternative states of awareness .. and to NOT then "abuse" such herb/drugs/substances -has got to be one crux of the matter of addiction.

Another would be the "social drinker" or person who semi-regularly enjoys a single glass of wine or beer ... having "been there" in addiction, it seems pretty clear to me that MOST people who use alcohol are addicts.

If you have a few drinks a few times a week, week after week, and when you do have those drinks people notice some personality change .. you are a probably what we call a "functional alcoholic."

Pothead? Please. Nothing can make me fall on the floor laughing faster than someone who smokes pot daily telling me it is not addictive. Remember: I've been there; done that !

On the other hand, it is pretty damned funny to hear all the stupid propaganda from the "reefer madness" (now "cult") film of 1936 .. from otherwise intelligent and educated homeopaths.

My path into active addiction began at about age 14; I was abstinent from about age 21 - 26, after entering into some spiritual studies (there was no big intent for abstinence, it just happened) .. and then from 26 - 37 it got worse & worse; at the end, very hard-core alcoholism combined with crack cocaine use eventually brought me near to 3rd stage alcoholism and (the most recent of several) near death experience (alcohol poisoning) .. during which I had a sort of shabby epiphany where I became willing (expressing this verbally to my personal pantheon of gods) "to do anything it takes to never have to feel like this again." Wonder of wonders -- I have not been tempted by alcohol or drugs since that moment, nearly 20yrs ago.

My wealth of experience with almost any drug you'd care to name has blessed me with a very, very wide range of cognitive experience! I have a fairly good EXPERIENTIAL idea what schizophrenia is; what psychoses are; what it feels like to be under compulsion; many of the more interestingly bizarre mental states of our pharmacoepiea.
I've been trying to figure out how to hang out my shingle as homeopathic addiction & mental health specialist. All those pesky AMA types & their endless turf war! I'm working on a possible "in" with the San Francisco dept. of public health.. kind of a long term plan.

I'm more than happy to help anyone with addiction related stuff. I'll see referred people in the S.F. bay area on "gift economy" as part of Karma Clinic... (no fee, but encouragement to make a gift so that the next person will be able to receive service.)
-and will be happy to assist by email or phone, or here with any cases (I've found that many people are happy to give permission to have case details minus personally identifying info .. posted for collaboration.)

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Namaskar Dr. i m new in the field bt i had seen many alcoholics, chronic alcoholics; some of them really want to get rid of it, bt they r unable to do so. i know the tinctures given in materia medica's r helpful bt they help only temporarily or superficially. i want to heal them from their spirits, i want to heal their miasms. i cn feel their pain so i really want to help them; by knowing a little abt u; a hope has arisen in me that u can guide me better; will u? plz guide me so that i can make them smile even wn they r not drunk, i want them to work as they want with happiness. waiting for ur response.....................................
Hi Mr Harley, You are a blessing to all of us who are trying to help patients live life freely!!
Three recent cases that have come to me for help have addictions. I view this as a blessing to learn from. There are people who are still using and people who have quit recently and want to use Homeopathy to clean up their internal terrain. Some even come with the idea they will be fulfilling the desire or need for reassurance that they have detoxified and won't go back to it.
I believe if the person is still using you must clean up the environment for instance give Carboneum Sulphuratum and watch them for 30 days. Then bring them in and take the case again to see if there is any change. At that time certain parts of the picture will be brighter and looking over their time line (events of life) you can question and sometimes get clearer answers to possible motivators. Then I have been finding that particular motivator influences or triggers behavior & feelings in every aspect of the persons life. One comment here in the group was to think of addictions as a state but I wonder if it could be what Hahnemann termed an environmental miasm, overcoming the weaker inherited miasm or maybe enhancing it? (two things cannot occupy the same space & the stronger dissimilar will run the system).
One case is addiction to morphine (opium alkoloid), alcohol & marijuana. This young person just had ankle surgery and admits it is taking a long time to heal, the part time job involves a lot of steps and quick movements; I have seen resemblance of patient in Avena Sativa, Morphininum, & Opium remedies. I dispensed Carb-S 1M, 40days ago, just did the followup, and am vexed by this question.
Wouldn't it be appropriate to do some first aid with the ankle (because that is part of the reason for taking the morphine). There is much pain and suffering, and sleep deprivation and stress and anger about unfairness of having to do this kind of work with injured ankle.
When patient was asked what is most important for you to resolve, the healing of the ankle or the feeling healthier(which is what was put on the intake form)? The patient responded "my mental health".
What do you think about the first aid?
Vickie Craig
working on an ankle not healed from surgery is clearly an obstacle to cure .. may or may not respond 'as if' a first aid situation.
If Arnica has not been given aggressively post surgery, it is probably indicated, perhaps a 200c dry dose followed after a few days (provided no aggravation) with liquid "split dose" LM10 or thereabouts (as this person seems not overly sensitive.)
Many addicts have serial injuries which are medical &/or personal "excuses" for taking pain killers (the pattern of injuries is a symptom of the dis-ease.)
#1 homeopathic treatment which is desirable and applicable in pretty much any case is 12-step program (Alcoholics anonymous, Narcotics anonymous, etc.)
Hi Mr Hartley, (sorry for spelling your name wrong the first time)
I agree with the Arnica and usually do give it, however he came to me the day he was going back to work. Which means 6-8 weeks after the surgery. There is no discoloration, (ie bruises) his body absorbed the blood from the surgery very well. He has the whiteness from swelling, no heat, only purple where the scars are from the surgery on both sides of the ankle. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss first aid protocol, as my education is 98% constitutional Classical Homeopathy. I have given Arnica to people who have never been well since whatever trauma they experienced, and it was their similimum. (a Fall from ladder etc.) This patient is definitely Rhus-t, stiffness on first movement, better movement, worse continued movement. I gave him a 30C and told him I would talk with him in 3-4 days. If there is continued consumption of morphine several times a day won't I need to give crude doses and several times a week, until the picture changes?
Would you explain what LM10 split dose means?
Thank you I look forward to our continued conversation during the care of this individual.
Wow, wouldn't you know it the patient goes back to the MD for followup and is issued steroids for 1 week, then given an anti inflammatory & set up on a phys. therapy routine. I will wait to give the simillimum until the steroid regime is finished. Will the steroid regime interfere with the effectiveness of the simillimum? All I know about steroids is they can impact the immune system in a not so good way, especially if the person is feeble and unable to recouperate from the impact that it has on them.
What about anti biotics too, is it not a good idea to give the remedy when they are taking them? What about asthma meds, some are steroidal too.
Hello Vickie,

For information on LM and "liquid posology" (often referred to as "water dose" "liquid split dose" etc) kindly refer to
Simillimum Education Little Library

Very valuable first aid information
Simillimum Education First Aid

I would not worry about the allopathic medicines overmuch, if and when you give a close simillimum it will act.

Asthma is a very special case, to be treated with care.
First step in any asthma case is to be sure the Pt has and is trained to use a peak flow meter, and refer to this:
OtherHealth Asthma
Hi David,
I cannot get the peak flow meter web link to work. could you give it again?
the original posted link works fine, but > TRY HERE /body>


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