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ANGUISH – with pain in Abdomen

ANGUISH – in threatened Abortion

ANGUISH – as if some Accident would happen : all day, better after going to bed

ANGUISH – with Amenorrhoea

ANGUISH – in Angina pectoris

ANGUISH – in abscess in Antrum of highmore

ANGUISH – Awaking: at night

ANGUISH – with tightness of Breathing: oppression

ANGUISH – Cardiac

ANGUISH – in Catarrh on chest

ANGUISH – from Choking

ANGUISH – in Cholera

ANGUISH – with Colic

ANGUISH – Complains without knowing what ails him

ANGUISH – Convulsions of extremities

ANGUISH – during Whooping cough

ANGUISH – Cries of

ANGUISH – as if he had committed a Crime

ANGUISH – Deadly

ANGUISH – Death: dread of, which is supposed to be near

ANGUISH – with Dypsnoea

ANGUISH – after Eating

ANGUISH – precedes Fainting

ANGUISH – with Fever


ANGUISH – caused by painful aching in Hypogastrium

ANGUISH – in Hysteria

ANGUISH – Indescribable

ANGUISH – with Labor pain

ANGUISH – with alternate Laughing and weeping

ANGUISH – from loss of his Friend

ANGUISH – with Madness

ANGUISH – with Melancholy

ANGUISH – in Meningitis

ANGUISH – until Menses appeared

ANGUISH – Metrorrhagia

ANGUISH – with Nausea

ANGUISH – with Oppression

ANGUISH – with Palpitation

ANGUISH – Paroxysms

ANGUISH – with Restlessness

ANGUISH – in Shock from injury

ANGUISH – with Sinking

ANGUISH – with Sleeplessness

ANGUISH – before Stool

ANGUISH – with cramp in Stomach

ANGUISH – attempts to commit Suicide

ANGUISH – with Sweat

ANGUISH – Tossing about

ANGUISH – with Toothache

ANGUISH – with Vomiting

ANGUISH – worse, with failure of every effort to strive against Weariness


ANXIETY – in Abdomen

ANXIETY – as if some Accident would happen

ANXIETY – in Afternoon

ANXIETY – better in open Air

ANXIETY – when Alone

ANXIETY – followed by Apathy

ANXIETY – in Aphonia

ANXIETY – Apparitions, like a feverish fancy when awake

ANXIETY – had to stretch Arms.

ANXIETY – on Ascending

ANXIETY – in Ascites

ANXIETY – in Asthma

ANXIETY – as if she would never get Awake again, when in bed

ANXIETY – on Awaking

ANXIETY – with paralytic pain in small of Back

ANXIETY – in Bed

ANXIETY – with paralysis of Bladder

ANXIETY – of whole Body

ANXIETY – Breathing

ANXIETY – from mucus in Bronchi



ANXIETY – with Bronchitis

ANXIETY – about Business

ANXIETY – as though cramp in Calves would set in

ANXIETY – in Catalepsy

ANXIETY – after Cheerful, careless mood

ANXIETY – felt in Chest

ANXIETY – Chill, before

ANXIETY – in Cholerine

ANXIETY – in Cholera Asiatica

ANXIETY – in Chorea

ANXIETY – as if Clothing got too tight, walking out doors

ANXIETY – about her Condition

ANXIETY – during Confinement

ANXIETY –with Confusion and cloudiness

ANXIETY – of Conscience

ANXIETY – almost loss of Consciousness

ANXIETY – Continued

ANXIETY – in attacks cannot Control herself

ANXIETY – from Conversation

ANXIETY – Convulsive shaking or trembling

ANXIETY – with Cough

ANXIETY – as if committing a Crime

ANXIETY – in Croup

ANXIETY – with Crowing inspiration

ANXIETY – all Day

ANXIETY – Death: fear of

ANXIETY – with Debility, faintness and aching in left iliac region

ANXIETY – in Dreams

ANXIETY – in Diabetes

ANXIETY – in Diarrhea

ANXIETY – in Diphtheria

ANXIETY – about Disease

ANXIETY – during Domestic affairs.

ANXIETY – during Downward motion

ANXIETY – with feeling of Dread

ANXIETY – after Drinking

ANXIETY – in Dysentery

ANXIETY – causes Dyspepsia



ANXIETY – Dyspnoea

ANXIETY – Eating: if he does not eat

ANXIETY – with Ebullitions

ANXIETY – in Epigastrium

ANXIETY – with Qualmishness: in evening

ANXIETY – in Epilepsy

ANXIETY – in Evening

ANXIETY – about Everything

ANXIETY – about Imaginary evils

ANXIETY – from Excitement

ANXIETY – Eyes: on closing

ANXIETY – Face: expressive of

ANXIETY – Faint: which makes her walk faster

ANXIETY – about his Family

ANXIETY – with Fear

ANXIETY – Fever: during

ANXIETY – Fingers: caused by tingling in

ANXIETY – by Flatulent distension

ANXIETY – with gloomy Forebodings

ANXIETY – no peace anywhere, as if she must Fly away

ANXIETY – Forenoon

ANXIETY – as if a Friend had forsaken her

ANXIETY – after Fright

ANXIETY – about Future

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