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Let me begin by saying that here I found a community that is dedicated - albeit not always to pure homoeopathy. Aside from that, if you have a problematic case, there are always good homoeopaths you can ask for help. And that help is always given.


When the Haiti disaster struck and I decided to go there and help out, so many rallied to the cause that we were able to make a difference there, however small in the face of the enormity of the disaster.

The fact that such was possible at all, shows that as a community we do have the power to change things.


Another case in point is the attack by skeptics - backed up by Big Pharma. The other day I asked one of them how much he gets paid for his denialist and homoeophobic posts. He admitted he gets $3.45 per post and if he "backs it up" by quoting Shang et al, he gets more.

The way the community rallied behind the call to arms is exemplary! We have the power to make a difference. I have made many friends in the process, whom I would not want to miss for all that may be offered in the world.


Regardless what one follows, here we can unite against all opposing forces. Here we have the chance to stand up and be counted and all of us should see the need to do so. Anyone who wants to leave because of perceived differences have to examine themselves.

Are we a community or a loose conglomerate of individuals? I opt for the former, because the latter is what the opposing forces all would like to see, so they can pick us off, one by one. United we stand, divided we fall!

Thanks everyone for being there and sticking with the community, which is a goal greater than ourselves!

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Dear Kavi ~ Thank you for friendship on HWC. Thank you for inspiring others to 'stick' with the community effort, which is to advocate and promote homeopathy around the world. We must support each other. Hugs, Debby
Dear Kavi,

We are united and here to support one another.
I met a friend earlier who lost his passport and money when he came to England and he fell into the embrace of friends who supported him get back on his feet. He had no place to stay for many months, he had little, yet he was so happy because that web was there.

This community is like that web.

Differences do emerge, yet with careful sensitivity, I know everything can be resolved.

I havent been around the community much in text, but I am always with it in heart - intention - and plans for the future.


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