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Before you fill out your application to join HWC PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this How To Video and go to the GUIDELINES PAGE

We want to make your transition into the community smooth. 
HWC is a 'by-invitation' community of people who advocate homeopathy. You will need a personal invitation to put this person's name into your reference.

If you did a web search, then please tell EXACTLY what you were searching for on google or other search engine and WHY you were looking for this information.

Provide the URL Landing page, so we can see how people find us and what is of interest to motivate them to join. 

The majority of members are professional homeopaths. There are a few in other healing disciplines and some in the general population with health interests. We even have veterinarian homeopaths and agro-homeopaths. 

Please be especially respectful of the non-advertising policy, no spam, no mass-mailing, etc.

Welcome to this new and exciting environment. I know it is probably pretty frightening for many of you who have not delved into the social media like FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter. However, it is no longer a fad or a trend. It is what a major means of communication today.

And because this is the way people receive and send information, it's about time we, as homeopaths, learned this new language. I do know how scary it is. I was so afraid to get involved and travel into these unknown cyberspaces. Many call them a virtual world. Yet, I have found it to be a place for relationship building. And, now when I travel, there are people to meet me in person!

It's amazing how many people all ready know each other and now we can network and organize and all get on the same page about projects, events, scheduling and promotions for homeopathy.

With this increased visibility both on the internet, in our neighborhoods and cities, and also with the resounding call of our voices across the airwaves. Hey, we can create radioshows, videos, ebooks, publications; whatever you can dream up we can do.

I know many are thinking that the enthusiasm and spark of energy will fizzle out. But, that is not going to happen here. We will boost each others' energy. Why? Because the time is now and we are here to support you through the hurdles. When each of us contributes a little time, a few stories, and share something about each other we grow the community.

The best part is that technology has made it so friendly and easy to do. You do not need to know programming or anything complicated. You can do as much or as little as you like. You can take it slow, or if you are a pro, be a leader and teach others.

So, go ahead and CLICK the INVITE button on the top menu bar and put in some emails with a little note. We will all benefit as we come together. The very best way to invite another professional homeopath, who has the qualifications to join, including proficiency in the English language and commitment to contribute a minimum of 6 posts per year in order to contribute to this growing community, is to ask only ONE person at a time. Send them an article you think would be of interest. Explain the requirements for commitment as a member.


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thank you very much for adding me to this group, first I must tell you, that i have lost my english language long ago, so, sometimes it 's difficult to me to write .. next week im going to british liceum  , for writing  better.

.I live in Buenos Aires, im homeopath md. since 9 years ago, Im in EMHA, Escuela Medica Homeopatica Argentina, Tomas Pablo Paschero,i left the hospital in 2001, work at school, love homeopathy, here there is not homeopathy in hospitals, because it's not consider like a science, but each day people fells in love with this real science and medicine, and we really work for that. Kind regards for all you, and thank you again!

Dear Ana Maria ~ We are happy to have you here and wish you well to improve your English skills for the most professional articles and interactions. Each one of us will change the world and the way people view homeopathy in our locale. When this happens over time we will all see a change for CAM and homeopathy to be accepted as the first line and approach to healing.

hello ana,
well come u in hwc

hello debby,
i am here again in hwc & happy to be a part of hwc

I have recently joined HWC and found it a very useful.


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