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Yes, we are living in a global 'vaccin nation', besides. It's a surreal period of Human history.

  • Belief of God has declined.
  • Dharma has disappeared.
  • Atheism is on the increase.
  • There is no respect for the Guru Preceptor.
  • Devotion to God, respect for our ancient culture and tradition has been given farewell.
  • There is no patronage for true education.
  • Only bread-earning education has become the order of the day.
  • These are the signs of modernity.

In this narrow selfish world there are three things that people must never forget. Those are truth, righteousness and justice. People have to restore these values by putting them into practice!

Vaxxed documentary is an eye-opening movie in this field. It’s though provoking indeed.

So, this is a very controversial topic. If we have very serious Doctors, Healthcare Professionals who hold out to the end that vaccination is causing autism and other heavy injuries and ill states to voluminous of those who received the shots, the minimum is that we support the cause by collecting everything what we can because the media whose task would be to stream the truth isn’t doing its task properly.

  1. Vaxxed the movie
  2. Vaxxed How did they threaten Robert De Niro ( pdf )
  3. Human Studies that Indicate AutismVaccine Linkarticlepdf )
  4. Unanswered questions ( pdf )
  5. Medicelo (They claim that they have a method that can regenerate from this state)
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  8. Tribeca Film Festival REMOVES Anti-Vaccination Filmpdf )
  9. 22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism ( pdf )
  10. The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Co... ( articlepdf )
  11. Freedom of Information Act (United States)
  12. The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Co... ( articlepdf )
  13. Critique of the 6 epidemiological studies used to exonerate thimero...articlepdf )

The evidence is abundantly clear if you look. Open someone's eyes to the published facts. Here is a list of published scientific articles linking vaccines to autism.

A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.


A hypothesis testing case-control study evaluated concerns about the toxic effects of organic-mercury (Hg) exposure from thimerosal-containing (49.55% Hg by weight) vaccines on the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs). Automated medical records were examined to identify cases and controls enrolled from their date-of-birth (1991-2000) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) project. ND cases were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), specific developmental delay, tic disorder or hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood. In addition, putative non-thimerosal-related outcomes of febrile seizure, failure to thrive and cerebral degenerations were examined. The cumulative total dose of Hg exposure from thimerosal-containing hepatitis B vaccine (T-HBV) administered within the first six months of life was calculated. On a per microgram of organic-Hg basis, PDD (odds ratio (OR) = 1.054), specific developmental delay (OR = 1.035), tic disorder (OR = 1.034) and hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood (OR = 1.05) cases were significantly more likely than controls to receive increased organic-Hg exposure. By contrast, none of the non-thimerosal related outcomes were significantly more likely than the controls to have received increased organic-Hg exposure. Routine childhood vaccination may be an important public health tool to reduce infectious disease-associated morbidity/mortality, but the present study significantly associates organic-Hg exposure from T-HBV with an increased risk of an ND diagnosis.


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