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Dear Dr Saurav ~ We do so appreciate these presentations for important health topics. To help HWC members select where to post articles, please review Forum Categories. A few possibilities in the FORUM Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, or Homeopathy for Women, or in the Group Expectant Mothers, which may make it easier to find along with similar articles. Thanks for reposting here.

I see in the case presented above Equisetum 30C was the remedy used for woman with UTI - urinary tract infection.

Dear Dr.saurav, Thanks for posting this presentation in this group.

I would like to mention a very important point here, i.e. the differential diagnosis. In places where malaria is predominant, a D/D should be made.The parosyxsm of malaria is simiilar to UTI. Both have rigors with high temperature.

If malaria is not diagnosed in proper time the damages are more severe.


Thank you for teaching about Diagnosis Differentials. Would one have to be concerned in a region where malaria is not typically present?
Diagnosis is always necessary.
Diagnosis alone never leads to Homoeopathic prescription, it guides you about the prognosis and management of the case. Nosological labeling of patient is not advocated in Homoeopathy for prescription, as it doesn't affect the prescription which is based solely on individualization in "Curable" cases.
That is true that it helps in management and prognosis of the case. Is it also not necessary? A well selected remedy with a mismanaged case will not give results.
Dear Dr Nilanjana, As the patient did not complain of fever and chills, DD especially of malaria doesn't hold much significance in this case. Moreover not only malaria but viral fever, chikungunya, and Cholestatic Jaundice also present with fever, rigors, nausea, vomitting and pain abdomen, etc. which can mimic like UTI.
Thanks Dr.Saurav, I only meant to advice a differential diagnosis in cases of UTI in pregnancy. And that was an example. Thanks for giving more DD.
Thank you so much Dr Nilanjan for your inputs, we keep on learning like this, additions and positive discussions are always beneficial for the upliftment of Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic practitioners.
Your welcome dear Saurav.


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