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Understanding Rhus Toxicondron Through A Case Study

A 51 yrs old female came to the clinic with her husband.

She immediately started with her complaints of knee pain, which she has had for the last 6 months. She told that, “ Doctor, please I want to get rid of this complaint very fast. As early as possible.”


She further narrated that “Now there would be winters and then the knee pain would increase and then it will be difficult for me to do the things."


The homeopath told her that not every person will get aggravated in winter always. She replied that she some how feels that she would suffer more in winter and that’s why she has come about 3 months prior to the season.



She was asked to tell more about her complaints and she recounted, “ It becomes difficult for me to do the daily things. I cannot go out and meet people which I do regularly.”

She actually has a small business of selling saris and dress materials. She further explained that she was even concerned that she could not meet people for her small business and thus not meeting people means not getting money. 


Now she has started feeling that if things would go like this what would happen to her business? She again and again told me (Physician) to give a remedy that will make her fine in one day.

  • “Doctor kuch to jaldi se jadu kar do”

She said, “Doctor, when I get up in the morning I only start thinking about my knee pain. Also, when sitting alone I think of it. What to do doctor? I feel that this knee pain is going to be continuous for longer time. I am really afraid of it now. I think this pain is hurting me a lot”

  • FEAR hurt of being
  • DELUSION: injury, of being.

"As it is making me handicapped. My business is also hampering."

  • HELPLESS feeling, BUSINESS incapacity for

She feels that 'as if when she walks the knee would just break.'

She told that the feeling in the leg is 'as if of a some log and there is lot of stiffness.' 

  • EXTREMITIES: wooden sensation, walking while 

Throughout her history her tone of talking was as if the knee pain was because of the physician only and that the physician is only responsible for it.


Since 2-3 months she had tried lot of things for her knee pain (like massage, pain killers, acupuncture etc.) even one tantric baba gave her some mantra which she is still chanting daily so that her health will be fine. When asked about whether she feels better after chanting the mantras she said, "No!" I asked, "Then why are you was doing it?" She responded that baba told her that if she stops chanting the knee pain will increase and her health will deteriorate.

  • FEAR: superstitious
  • ANXIETY: driving from place to place

I then asked, "What do you presently feel after so many different prescriptions?" On this, she told me that it makes her more anxious and then some times she feels as if it would be better to die instead of so much pain.

  • HELPLESS feeling of


When asked about whether she does some exercise or anything, she replied that she has done almost everything, like applying oil, not sitting on the ground, taking regular medicines, and doing some flexibility exercises.


But the pain is the same. Now she has lost total confidence and somewhere seems to have lost hope from me. She said, “Doctor sahib isse to marna behatar hai. So much pain that you can’t imagine. So please do something and do it fast sir.”

  • DESIRE: death,
  • CARRIED: desire to be, fast

“Due to this pain I feel that I am just going down and down in everything i.e. health, as well as, my business. This pain is going to take me no where, it's day by day going on and on and on.”

  • BUSINESS incapacity for

She next said that when she walks she now has to limp a bit. And, this also annoys her. I asked her why? She told me that people around her immediately notice this and she doesn’t like this at all. She told me, “You don’t understand. ye kya mere piche lag gaya hai”

Throughout her interview she seemed to be very nervous and frustrated. And was talking loudly as if wanting to get out of this situation by any means. 

  • SHRIEKING – help for

She told me that now due to this situation, even her family members have also started telling her to do something and get rid of it quickly. I asked what she feels when they say these things. She says that she thinks people are looking at her and her value is getting down in society as well as in her family.

  • DELUSION, people, seeing people-looking at him
  • DELUSION: everyone is looking at her 
  • DESPAIR-sound position of

She is afraid of what will happen if this pain goes on in such a manner and now she is totally confused what to do. She had never expected that this will happen to her anytime in her life. Lastly she again insisted me to do something fast before winter time as she is afraid that the pain would worsen.

Physically, the pain is on the medial and lateral condyle and pain comes in the medial condyle and goes to lateral condyle while walking pain is of extremely excruciating and shooting type than after a walk or movement there is a sprained feeling in knee as well as ankles. 

  • EXT:pain shooting, knee,side to side, from


Her knee pain miraculously vanished in about a week.

Following rubrics were considered

  • MIND: FEAR hurt of being
  • MIND: DELUSION:injury, of being.
  • MIND: HELPLESS feeling
  • MIND: BUSINESS incapacity for.
  • MIND: ANXIETY: driving from place to place.
  • MIND: DESIRE: death
  • MIND: BUSINESS incapacity for
  • MIND: DELUSION, people, seeing people-looking at him
  • MIND: DELUSION: everyone is looking at her
  • MIND: SHRIEKING – help for
  • MIND: DESPAIR: sound position of
  • EXTREMITIES: pain shooting, knee,side to side, from.
  • EXTREMITIES: wooden sensation, walking while.

You may wish to listen to a discussion of this case recorded January 15, 2014 on BlogTalkRadio the second portion of this show. The first half with Christina Chambreau, DVM on pet health and potency selection. The second half of show with Debby

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Really enjoyed this case discussion and hope you will post many more Sarang. I had added an audio file where I read your case aloud on the BlogTalkRadio show and put my thoughts there. Blessings, Debby

Thanks a lot Debby. So kind of you.

Thanks for reading the case. Would like to clear the doubt regarding certain rubrics.

1) Understanding the rubric Superstitious.

Dictionary meaning says Superstition - An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.

So we can say that there is no logical explanation for once belief. In the above case initially we were not sure but then when when the lady told about the Tantric Baba  ( black magic ), and she never stopped chanting the mantras even if she was not better because of fear which that Baba had put in her mind.this confirmed the superstitious nature of the patient. and then even about she getting worse in winter.

2) if we look for the rubric HOPELESS ( complete or synthesis rep. ) we have to look for rubric DESPAIR. but actually the meaning change a bit.

HOPELESS- Without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success or there is less hope.

DESPAIR- A state in which all hope is lost or absent.

Patient is more in despair of her present condition or position. This makes the patient HELPLESS.

we can understand the suttle difference by knowing the rubrics more deeper.

Thanks again.

Very nice case recording and analysis. Please keep informed us about the follow up with changes in investigations after treatment.


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