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It has been observed that once someone consults an allopath, he orders too many lab tests for the patient. Is it really necessary? Similarly, once a patient consults a homeopath, normally he finds a doctor having no interest for any test. Where does the balance exist?

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The reason allopaths must do this "balancing" act calling for many more laboratory tests rests upon "money" issues. 

  1. The possibility that a physician will be sued or liable if something happens to the patient and a test was not performed pre-emptively that could have found a problem.
  2. The additional income to the physician for 'in-house' lab work
  3. The additional income from medical insurance companies and medicare based upon the number of procedures that may be reimbursed
  4. The elder physicians who had excellent clinical skills and training in the art of physical exam taking would have been able to determine the workings of the body, without the necessity of laboratory testing in many cases. They would also be able to discern which lab tests were absolutely necessary and those that would not provide any valuable information in each case.
  5. Younger doctors automatically run up these clinical exams as a matter of course, some may say because they don't have the time to take a full physical exam or they don't really know how to do one with finesse. 
  6. Patients usually do not question the authority of a physician who calls for all these tests, nor do they understand why are being given. 
  7. Patients may also expect all of these tests when they go to the doctor, especially when insurance covers them and they do not need to pay extra. 
  8. One thing many people don't think about is the amount of stress incurred from anxiously waiting for results of lab work. 
  9. Unfortunately, much unwanted surgery and medications end up as a result of false-positive readings on exams. 
  10. Some insurance companies have changed their policies regarding some tests, denying payment of tests, which may change the game plan a bit. 

Time Magazine wrote, "Why Doctors Are Order Too Many Tests"

As we extend the human body's capability of seeing like superman's X-Ray vision, the reliance upon these tools has become commonplace. I've written extensively about the downside of using too many MRI, CT Scans and mammograms, etc. when the body gets exposed to radiation.  

Thank you Debby.This is a practical insight in to this perpetual problem.Regards

Yesterday, my cousin and her family from Dubai visited my home. Causally she told me about the trouble she had last month. She had slight bleeding from the nose. She consulted a specialist in a multi speciality hospital in Kerala that gives treatment for rich people. Without even examining the nose, CT was taken, but it was not "clear", hence an MRI was taken, and they got a clear information that there is nothing wrong. Finally she herself diagnosed that there was a small boil inside the nose.

There is one saying in hindi, "Samajhdaar Ko Ishara Kafi Hai" (means: For brilliants, hint is more than enough). So we homeopaths need minimum things to understand the patient, due to less intelligence, they need more investigations!

Provided we take interest to note down all the signs with interest.You know the majority of homeopaths hesitate to invetigate thoroughly(I mean physical check up).



Thank you for your personal stories to illustrate this principle.


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