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Serious apprentice, male or female, for a sorcerer's apprentice course in homoeopathy on all levels. Someone who wants to carry the torch. Am ready to pass on all i have learned and my subsequent insights to a worthy candidate. Must be dedicated, understand he knows nothing and i know but a little, if compared to homoeopathy's infinite nature and our own nature as an eternal student of the infinite.


Must be ready to travel too, keep books and be events manager.

Must be ready for a service nature that is 24/7/365 to a truth that is as old as the mountains and which was written down 5000 years ago in the Bhagavat purana.

Amaya yas ca bhutanam
yayate yena suvratah
agreya sarva devanam...

na punati cikitsitam

"Oh good soul, does not a thing cure a disease, that was caused by that very same thing."
(SB 1/5/33)

This sloka is very deep and i am just beginning to understand it somewhat.

An apprentice asks relevant questions and does not challenge the teachings, but seeks to understand and expand.
He/She renders whatever service the teacher asks and does not shirk the menial tasks.
He/She is ready when called upon and never hesitates for any task, even in the middle of the night.

He/she must have a strong stomach, a perseverant nature and a keen mind and most of all a very large and wide heart.


For the next 2 years she/he shall travel with me and organise the events, while in the process he gets an education in homoeoopathy as you find in no school.

After this, she/he can sit any exam and come out glorious.


Any takers?


I shall thoroughly test any prospective candidate for the right attitudes, the right mentality and the right spirit and my standards are very high.


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