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The remedy silicea is prepared by potentizing sand. All the authors have described

it as a slow but deep acting remedy. THE SILICEA PATIENT IS EXTREMELY CONCERNED ABOUT HIS OWN WELFARE. He wants to keep himself in a good condition under any circumstances. This is regarding his image that is evident to others at all levels, financial, social, familial etc. He wants that he should be able to maintain a particular status. It is when he starts coming down from that desired level/status or if there is a decrease in his capacities, he starts getting worried. Then he does all possible

efforts to maintain that level/status.

Till the time this person considers himself to be perfectly healthy, his behavior is

totally different. He is experiencing and enjoying his good condition. He is ecstatic

and remains happily engrossed in this state (•ECSTASY). If he has the desired

money, post, healthy state etc, he enjoys it. He is not troubled by any anxiety in

this state. In this state, he considers himself to be superior to others (•EGOTISM)

thinking that he has everything. He feels others are nothing in front of him.

(•CONTEMPTUOUS) With fearlessness and without bothering about the adverse

external circumstances, he does everything that he desires to do. (•AUDACITY,

•DEFIANT) He enjoys taking up new challenges because he is confident of his capabilities and knows that he will do it. He is proud of his intelligence as well as

his physical capacity. Following rubrics tell us about this state of silicea.

•DELUSION, head seems too large

•DELUSION, double, of being

•DELUSION vermin, sees crawl about

•DELUSION, worms, creeping of

•DUTY, no sense of




Head or brain is the seat of intelligence. The power of intelligence is greater/more effective than the physical power. When someone has modesty along with intelligence, he is not aware of this that he is far more superior to others. But when someone feels that he is far more intelligent than others, this gives rise to a feeling of pride in him. Then he starts considering himself superior to others. He starts looking down upon others. (•CONTEMPTUOUS) He feels they are like vermins (negligible/worthless) in front of him. (•DELUSION worms creeping, •DELUSION vermin sees crawls about) Here he feels that whatever he decides is right. He can achieve or complete it, how much ever difficult it is. He thinks he is headstrong/obstinate. (•OBSTINATE) When someone gives him any advice even humbly, or lovingly tells him not to do something, or tries to encourage him seeing him in a tough situation, he starts shouting at the person who is advising him. •OBSTINATE children cry when kindly spoken to, yet. This is because he feels he is more intelligent than others (the person who is advising him)

and whatever he is doing is right.


If he takes up a

challenge or decides that he wants to do a certain thing, he remains firm about it.

He will rest only after he finishes the task. This is his obstinacy. Once his mind is

stuck over a certain point, no one can move him from there.


•ARGUING not arguing, in spite of having strong convictions

In such a condition he does not take anybody seriously. If there is a slight decline in

his capacity, though not causing a problem in achieving his objective, he does not

pay attention to it.



In such good condition he feels that he alone can do all the work everywhere.

[•DELUSION, double of being

•DELUSION places, two at the same time, of being]

Rather than doing his own duties, he does whatever he feels appropriate. So it is

often said that he is not aware of his own duties.

•DUTY no, sense of

•PEDANT – He is a person who wants to meticulously/precisely follow a method of

working. He works like a machine rather than changing the traditional style of

working with time and working easily and comfortably. If he has in his mind that a

bride or a bridegroom should behave like this or other people should behave like

that, and if someone of them is not behaving accordingly in front of him, he does

not approve of it. He dislikes it. He stops them from behaving like that if he can

control them. This means he is very strict about following mannerism, rules and

regulations. He is almost a slave of the rules and regulations. He keeps strictly

following whatever he has read, learnt, and heard in life. His mind is gripped by

the limitations laid down by the rules.


THEY ARE VERY MUCH SHORT TEMPERED. THIS IS BECAUSE THEY FEEL VERY BAD IF OTHERS DON’T BEHAVE ACCORDING TO THEM. SUCH PEOPLE ALWAYS REMAIN UNHAPPY WITH OTHERS.] This behavior is a result of their thinking that they have more understanding, knowledge and are superior to others.


We have many patients coming to us for treatment. Still they do not believe in us.

They do not like our way of taking a case. They say they had heard somewhere

that ‘‘Homoeopathic doctors listen to the patient’s history for 2-3 hours. They ask

so many questions. You did not even tell any dietary restrictions. Homoeopathic

treatment includes lot of diet restrictions.” They try to impose these things on us

which they have heard somewhere. So, these are the people who want others to

behave according to their opinions. We find one more rubric in this remedy which

indicates about this behavior.


•ARGUING, not arguing in spite of having strong conviction


His opinions/feelings about a thing/circumstance/person/method of work are very

firm and unchangeable. If others do not agree with his opinion, he does not argue

with them. He shows as if he had the same opinion right from the beginning or

now he has changed his opinion after the argument.

This person works

very hard, even more than required for his profession. This is because he believes

in doing everything perfectly and wants to progress in life. (•AMBITION increased).

He wants to prove himself superior to others.

He works more than his capacity for this. This leads to depletion of his mental and physical energy/capacity.

when he continues putting the same efforts regularly, his capacities

become weaker. A silicea person is so intelligent that he immediately senses the

weakness in his capacities, becomes anxious and alert. (•ANXIETY himself about,

•CAUTIOUS anxiously) He strives very hard to regain his lost energy/capacity. His

only aim in his life is to reach a very good level (in all the sectors of life like money,

power, status etc.), where he wants to see himself. He constantly makes efforts for

this. (•OBJECTIVE reasonable)

•ANXIETY health about, climacteric period during.

A climacteric period is a period when there are big and major negative changes in

the body of a female.

As a result of this, a female loses her capacity to reproduce and reaches a stage of menopause. A silicea person gets extremely worried and perturbed in such a condition (•ANXIETY health about his/her during menopause).

This person hesitates to face the society as soon as there is decrease in his potential/capacity. His main concern is what will other people think about me? They will have a negative opinion about me. So obviously his image that he had maintained in the society will be spoiled.

This will lead to his downfall

(downward motion) and this is not at all acceptable to silicea.


•FEAR, downward motion, of.


Silicea has a fear of his good image getting spoiled. He Is An Image-Conscious

Person. He Does Not Love His Image, But The Loss He Will Have To Bear Because Of

The Spoiled Image.


There are many rubrics which indicate this -

•ANXIETY himself about

•ANXIETY health, about

•ANXIETY health about during climacteric period

•ANXIETY about his/her own health during menopause her/her

•ANXIETY about future


Whenever he tries to achieve his goal, (of regaining the lost position or coming back to the state of well- being) s (OBJECTIVE reasonable) he employs all possible means.

Then he is not bothered whether it is morally right or wrong. He can pretend of being sick for his own benefit. (FEIGNING - sick; to be) He can deceive others. (DECEITFUL

DISHONEST ,HYPOCRISY) He can even behave rudely with others if need be.

(RUDENESS) He can insult others. (ABUSIVE) He can compromise with the

situation for his own benefit. (BARGAINING) If he does not approve of something

of the other person and getting very angry, but if he knows that getting angry is not

going to help, then he can restrain himself from getting angry with lot of effort.

(CONTRADICTION intolerant, restrain himself to keep from violence her a)




A person can have so many qualities only when he is very intelligent, has a capacity

of taking instant decisions and when he is not proud. (•IDEAS abundant, •ACTIVITY

mental) Whenever he becomes aware of any weakness, it happens immediately

with the slightest reduction in his capacity/potential. This is why he starts avoiding

people. (He has a fear that his weakness will be evident to others, as he does not

want others to know about his weakness.) •FEAR of, appearing in public

•TIMIDITY when alone

•FEAR before Examination

•ANTICIPATION, examination before

•ANXIETY anticipation on every

But if for some reason, he has to face people like on stage etc., he can control

himself and perform very well. But as his weakness/capacity goes on reducing, his

fear starts increasing. (This can happen only if the person considers himself to be a

great person.) Then he fears undertaking anything new and difficult (•FEAR

undertaking, anything

•FEAR of undertaking new enterprises a). He feels that his weakness should not

be seen by others. •FEAR examination before.





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