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I recently gave Hepar Sulph to a patient for whom it repertorized very well. In lower potencies -- 12x, 30c, and then 200c -- the action was just as desired and the patient was coming along in a very satisfactory way. Then when the symptoms began to re-emerge I gave Hep Sulph 1M. Mistake! This patient is very sensitive to influences -- a keynote of Hep Sulph -- and was not ready for such a large jump in potency. She experienced quite a lot of aggravation. She also felt as though it was working in a curative way -- she felt better "in herself" -- but the aggravation persisted for many days and became uncomfortable. Upon reflection, I believe i should have repeated the 200c at least one more time before going to the 1M. This was mechanical practice on my part and I admit the mistake. Having seen the beautiful action of the 200c, I let myself think only about how a higher potency would benefit the patient, rather than ensuring that she was ready to move up.

Re-taking the case, I selected Silicea and gave it in 12c. Boericke notes that Silicea will antidote Hep. Sulph. In addition, the indications for Sil. were quite good for the aggravated condition which had occurred. Initial response was very good. The aggravation ceased within a day, and the patient reported amelioration of symptoms as well as feeling, in her words, "stabilized." After a good initial response, there was some relapse, and so the 12c was repeated. This held for a couple of days, and was then needed again. The next time, I decided that as the 12c was holding less and less time, it was time to move on to the 30c. Again, a good response, and no aggravation.

Here is a case where having a 500c potency for the Hep Sulph, for an intermediate rise in potency, instead of jumping all the way from 200c to 1M, would be very useful. The other thing I could have done, after the 30c, would have been to have switched to LM1, and worked up from there. For such a sensitive patient, this might have proven most satisfactory.

I plan to take the Silicea only to the 200c, after having repeated the 30c for a while. I am not going up the scale with it any farther. On the whole this patient still has the picture of hep sulph and will benefit from it. I will have to decide, when it is time to return to it, whether to go back to the 200c or to begin with the LM potencies. Well, I have time to decide so that is good.

I just thought I would share this experience. I don't mind discussing my mistakes. I learn so much from them! Also, with this fine community of practitioners, I have every hope that the comments will shed even further light and I will learn more than I would have had I kept it to myself.

I must say i am very pleased with how well the Silicea antidoted the aggravation from the Hep Sulph. I have never before had to give a second remedy to antidote the first, so this was a new experience for me. I'm also delighted with how well Sil has moved this case forward.

I know I have not given a lot of the indications which this patient displays which informed my choices, first of Hep Sulph and then of Sil, and I hope this does not distract too badly from any usefulness this note may have for others.


Wonder of Mild Doses 

Using Hepar Sulph for Mastitis

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Due to this posting I went to my Murphy's repertory and looked up Drug Relations for Hepar Sulph

Antidoted by: Acet-ac, Bell, Cham, Sil

It antidotes: Metals and especially mercurial preparations, Nit-ac, Calc, Iod, Kali-i

Compatible with: Acon, Arn, Bell, Lach, Merc, Nit-ac, Sil, Spon, Zinc

Complementary to: Calendula in injuries

Sources: Boericke, Clarke, Phatak

Thank you for your honesty. I have never aggrevated a situation by a remedy. It is a huge fear, I feel now, by reading your story, a bit more confident that I may be able to antidote that error if and when it happens to me. Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards Anita

Has anyone else other than Elaine Lewis ever tried the aggravation zapper. I tried it once and it worked :)


Hi Claudia, the above link will lead you to the subject.


The split dose, or "plussing" as it is also called, goes way back to Hahnemann. He recommends it in the 5th Organon, and was part of his journey to the LM potencies. He was always looking for a gentler way to give a remedy.

Works great -- with a patient with whom dosage management is not a problem. Funny how many people will take an allopathic medicine every day of their lives, but give them a split dose and it just seems like too much to handle. This is the principal reason I continue to use dry-dose x and c potencies so much. Otherwise, I would happily give LM remedies 90% of the time. (I believe there will always be a place for the x and c and high M potencies.)

Just reduce the the dose  in hypersensitives.

Hi Bruce

Just passing -- saw your post.

What comes to my mind -- don't repeat a C-potency too early, -- also if there is aggravation in many cases the change to another potency scale can solve this problem.  -- Maybe getting used to LM's will avoid such a hick-up.

Murphy's drug relationships are fairly incomplete and often lead to a remedy which messes up the complete case.

Boenninghausen's are much more detailed and also graded in 5.

For more details see my blogs.

This is really good to know. I have come across a situation when even a 1M which covered the whole picture was doing a palliative course and after 10M there is a considerable desired change.

This patient has done well on the Silicea. It will surprise no one that it has cleared up some long-standing skin problems, as well as addressing the original indications. I did eventually move her from the 30c to 200c -- with some hesitation, having seen the aggravation previously noted.

I have obtained both Sil and Hepar Sulph in LM. As I have already gone as high as 200 in the centesimal scale, I've chosen to go to LM2 when it is time to make the switch. I believe this patient will respond well to the LM scale, and the flexibility of the liquid dose.


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