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In the treatment beginning of skin diseases, especially if they were treated by allopathy before, I use the following scheme: put 2 pellets of remedy 6С into 120 ml of an aqueous-alcoholic solution, then take 2 drops therefrom and add it into 120 ml of water, and then take 2 drops therefrom and drip under the tongue.

However, I recently found out that there are some homeopaths, which recommend starting treatment with 1M of potency, in dry form, 3 pellets. Can someone comment on this?

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The case only decides the potency. When there is highest level of similarity in terms of mental, physical and emotional levels, consider higher. Or else, start with the lowest, and then ascend.  

My experience is skin: Too much repetition has given me bad result. Especially in skin diseases, I prefer single dose, then wait and watch. Of course, placebo is needed to make the patient happy.

Baty, you're doing right, contolling the amount of potency as stated in the 6th Organon. Giving a dry dose of 1m seems far-teched :) I'd like to see what really happened to the patient. Thanks Muhammed for your reply.

u r welcome


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