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This entry is in response to live video Health Inn Show broadcast Monday Jan 7, 2013

If we want to understand a sick person, we need to put ourselves in his shoes.  This also applies to women who have been raped. Each of these women has gone her own way to be able to live with the horror when she felt powerless for a time.


For this we must also understand the man who raped her. This man as the child of his society thinks he claims to ownership. Rape is the result of the idea of being able to own something or someone. In this case, the woman whose sexuality is his property in his eyes.
All the people who are from other than "my" are deferred victims of this performance: "my" wife, "my" child, "my" niece, etc.
We have to watch our language accurately. It symbolizes this spirit. When we speak of "humanity", we speak of men: huMANity MANhood ... If this translation program translated, it always assumed that it was the speech of men, "he says," "he makes", and "he thinks." To say that a woman could say something, could make or might think something, is not programmed. Language is organized in this way today. A woman must not be taken into account, because "it" belongs automatically to anywhere. (I leave it: here the woman "it" has become, it is no longer disrespectful!)


You can now say I'm a suffragette. Yes, but that's not the point. Our society is built on the rule of men. The partnership is not found at common eye-level. There is no mutual respect. Instead, we speak of beliefs and grandfathering conditions.


On this basis, is the inner justification for rape. It does not matter whether you look or live in the North, South, West or East.  In this context, a woman has no value. She is only a thing. Each woman knows that. This has been communicated to her in any education. Even in so-called liberal basic conditions. As well in this country called Germany. The countries are interchangeable.


In this basis is the rape. Most women have learned that they are not allowed to defend themselves (they are the property; property objects cannot defend themselves). So they do not defend themselves well. Ineffective, not sustainable. Depending on the internal assessment makes the rape internal consequences.


Here we come into play as a therapist. On the basis of the defense, ban the woman begins to tell. Here we have to listen carefully, as she has processed this prohibition in herself. We must listen carefully to understand her "response" to it. We are the best way, even a woman. To men, this woman has little confidence. At least one should be a woman in the room when a rape victim tries to open.


Just as we now understand why it is even conceivable that a woman is raped, we need to understand the homeopathic remedies.
The woman has any physical symptoms. But the psychological effects are far from important. It is the soul that has been deeply hurt. From herself this woman can not close her soul. Always the latent fear will be there, that such attack is possible. The body can heal. The soul will always been hurt.

  • We keep in mind please, that already the social basis is a violation of the inner dignity (Sepia).
  • We also please keep in mind that every woman in her own life is the queen (Platina). There is no other woman. She is the core of all her existence.
  • We keep in mind that many women were the educated victim of society (China).
  • If this woman hardly says anything, but instead nearly collapses, we think back on Ignatia. She sits bent over us and rests her head in her hands. She can not anymore. She can not even talk about it. So she says just the minimum.
  • We should see this woman at home, because at the doctor's office, she will try to play "perfect world". When at home she no longer comes out of the shower, she will need once Kreosotum.
  • If the woman is no longer stepping out the door, if she fears not to be seen by any neighbors any longer, then we should think of Arsenicum. This woman is likely to get long-term kidney problems. Arsenicum can quickly remedy the situation. (No antibiotics in this situation. Ars will help fast)
  • If the woman withdraws behind the smoke of her cigarette, then think of Opium. If she does so as a non-smoker, then Tabacum.
  • If the woman panics on all environmental factors, we think of Aconitum. She will then appear pale and frozen like a rabbit in the headlights.


There are many more remedies. We need to understand the personality of each one, so that we can choose correctly. I strongly recommend Sankaran, Vithoulkas, Scholten, Bailey and also to include my elaborations. Remedies are stories, like fairy tails.The story teller of former times had been the most important person in the country, directly after the king. Whereever he came to, he was heartful invited and respectful be seen. Let us be the story tellers, let's tell the fairy tail:

  • Belladonna is hard to master and requires a violent physical reaction to cope with problems can."It doesn't work?!? O, I could throw it against the wall ..."
  • Sepia has at some point simply become fed up. "You can kiss my ass. I do it my way!"

  • Lycopodium is lost with honesty. She might say, "Oh, how can I help you?" while she thinks the other is an ass.
  • Nux vomica emulates an ideal picture, a hero, a model, without ever reaching it, mostly Dad.
  • Calcarea criticizes herself most sharply and thinks she's a loser, which you can not even talk to her.
  • Ambra wants to return to mum's breast. "I feel so bad, I don't get it today! O, will you help me?!"


So choose from the repertory of the remedies that you think best defines the personality. (Nat-m and Sulphur are probably not the proper answer, but they quickly suppress the true remedy. Nat-m ONLY if before the rape where the circumstance that she does not tolerate someone while urination). Then delve into the personality of the remedy. Then you can use it if it still seems true.


We can gladly write about the personality of the remedy. I hope that I have this part of the English language sufficiently dominant. (My vocabulary is fairly melted in the last 40 years).



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Thank you, Gabriele, for adding to our knowledge. 

Hi Debby, welcome.

Here you find thought about Platina:

Use the translater on the left side above. You can choice your personal language.

The metal around the diamonds is platinum.

In the same context the article of Maja Letić is interesting, too:

Adamas / Diamond

What a wonderful description Gabriele, love it, thank you for sharing this

Thank you Gabriele for sharing this informative article with us and adding to our knowledge.


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