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Anyone has any idea what remedy would be best for Hahnemann? I happen to know it.
Brilliant student.
Angry when contradicted. 
Critical of blind acceptance. 
Philosophically inclided.
Flawed theorist, but brilliant experimenter.
Repetitive editions of Organon and CD.
Smoker and drank wine in the evening.
Fighting spirit.

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Hahnemann was on the other hand, not sloppy at all, kept all his writing in a neat pile, his daybooks properly dated and in order. Unkempt? maybe a little, but he always was neat, in public. Pedantic is more appropriate.
could be Ignatia?
Because of the loss of his children? I doubt it. He has seen enough death and destruction by then - epidemics, war, riots, what not?

Silicea is

often the intellectual or the spiritually inclined, while there are countless pseudo-spiritualists and quasi-intellectuals found under this remedy.

Having said that, it is also necessary to look upon the many corrections Hahnemann wrought on the Organon, writing 6 editions, which makes him the epitome of the Silica type, who always corrects his thesis and finds more to add. The perfectionist, as described below.

The genuine brilliant intellect of a Silicea, as exemplified in Samuel Hahnemann, is, although dry at times, perfectly enjoyable, if only for its sheer penetration of the subject. True, it requires an attentive mind, which is able to maintain the thread of the argument, but once absorbed in his Organon, it is fascinating to see how the mind is captured by its thorough going precision.

As they are meticulous and conscientious, they have no problem keeping their place clean. Even Arsenicum, known for his fastidiousness, is a sloppy character compared with the Silica. Yet there are also Silica types who do not really worry about external cleanliness, or about having a house that is lived in, rather than a museum or an immaculate display room. They begin this habit of meticulousness at an early age, before the Arsenicum has developed that self-discipline.

Silica can write and rewrite a thesis, which never will be finished, because he always finds new things to add. Thus he is forever writing his thesis and never finishing it.

Silica’s mental inflexibility is manifested in fixed ideas, stubbornness, and obstinacy, especially when they are sick. They do not like arguments about their obstinacy – they are friendly, smile and still do what they have decided to do, regardless. They are insistent, self-willed and headstrong, which gives them a certain advantage, as they are more persistent and tenacious than bull-headed.

We only have to look at Hahnemann, to understand what is meant by these terms. Speaking twelve languages, possessing a professorship in both chemistry and medicine, as well as being a Freeason and thus possessed of a formidable spiritual understanding as well, Samuel Hahnemann was the epitome of the positive Silicea.

Never superficial, but always deep, the Silicea personality cannot help himself, but be thorough, meticulous and exhaustive. He managed to bring into the world the only rational method of healing the sick, complete with a sound philosophical basis, immutable principles, consistent practical application and brilliant results, a feat which no physician before him ever was capable of and which has never been equaled or surpassed. The only thing added later, were Hering's laws of cure, which Hahnemann describes in his different chapters of the Organon and Hering formulated as the principles of cure brought together under one heading. Since that time we have had no need to add more, with the exception of the homoeopathic armamentarium, or to reject very little, because it was faulty - this is the genius as it manifested itself in Samuel Hahnemann.

The healthy Silicea will espouse an idea or a doctrine, which he knows is sound, which can be put to practice anywhere with brilliant results and for which he is ready to give his life. He will be honest enough to admit when he is wrong, as that will be the only way forward. The vitiated Silicea will refuse to budge, will become vehement at contradiction.

He wrote about his discoveries and was able to account for many things that remained misunderstood before him. He did not write for himself, but for others. While he certainly found personal satisfaction from these writings, his motives were not egotistical, but universal.

Such prodigious Silicea types one finds all too seldom, and if one among the countless people can be found in each generation, then we may call ourselves lucky.

Dear Kavi. Thanks so much. We really waited a long time for this answer. I love silicea. A precious remedy for expelling matter, removing effects of vaccinations, and providing stamina.
What has your reply to do with Hahnemann? LOL.
Whow - just read the entire dialog - how brilliant - what a great learning experience for me. I did not try to 'guess' as many others just took it all in. Good teaching,thank you - can we have more, please? :) I have received my Dipl. Hom 3 years ago and always love to learn from some one who is thinking it through.

Well, we could do Von Boenninghausen or Kent, or Hering. Although Hering's may be very difficult.

If we look at his later life, it is at once obvious he turned into a Lachesis - his left arm was paralysed from injecting the potencies! He literally grafted the Lachesis state upon himself. His MM is the prime example of Lach thinking. But if we look at his work from before that time, we see a different personality. So once I find the time, I shall put up a new Quiz.

Gud evening and wish u Peace.

I just wanted a small clarification regarding the use of sulphur, where concurrent water intake after the dose result on to any adverse effects, if so then what may be the probable cause.


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