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Anyone has any idea what remedy would be best for Hahnemann? I happen to know it.
Brilliant student.
Angry when contradicted. 
Critical of blind acceptance. 
Philosophically inclided.
Flawed theorist, but brilliant experimenter.
Repetitive editions of Organon and CD.
Smoker and drank wine in the evening.
Fighting spirit.

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You'd get along well with Hahnemann.
I feel often like he is my twin brother. But I have that same feeling with Paracelsus. He was much like Hahnemann. He burnt the books of Galen when he taught in Basel. LOL Made a huge bonfire.

And like Hahnemann, he tested his concoctions on unsuspecting individuals, and friends, as well as on himself. Like hahnemann he was philosophically inclined, brilliant, angry when contradicted, had a fighting spirit and was critical of bind acceptance, as well as a lover of wine. Like Hahnemann, he was prosecuted and hounded, and like Hahnemann he was a physician of kings and noblemen.

I shall put him up for another quiz, once this one is solved. However, his remedy is different.
well Hahnemann could be either Arsenic Album because of his fastidiousness,thoroughness of his work or Lycopodium
He was neither, but it is a nice try.
And why Lycopodium?
Hello sir,
i would consider the best remedy for our master Hahnemann is SULPHUR. because of his unique approach other than orthodox medicine and thinking more towards philosophy.his deep and rational thinking changes medial fraternity and because of his interest he goes down deep and deep and follow his intuition and step by step make a system more complete.he observe dynamic influences on the body and dynamic derangement of disease.and after long experience and exhausting research he concluded that dynamic influences(miasm) responsible for chronic disease.and its permanent cure by application of dynamic agent by diluting and succusing the material thing.many revolutionary leaders mostly come in to SULPHUR trait.Hahnemann is one of them.

i would consider another remedies for hahnemnn is HYDROGEN and PALLADIUM.

Maulik Mahendrabhai Joshi
Everybody says Sulphur, but that was not the master's remedy. As Lars points out below, Hahnemann was never psoric.
Indeed he was never psoric and the remedy is not Sulphur.
As he was a courageous person with positive attitude , highly ambitious to face any competition , inquisitive intellectual with philosophical bent of mind , always high spirited , man of determination , curious and censorious . wants to render the best that is why keep on correcting his old work . Wow! what a personality he was , I would like to go with Veratrum Album .
I find your reasoning very interesting, but the remedy is not Veratrum.
Dear Kaviraj,
my professore of Materia medica told us that Hahneemann was AUR.
Your professor was wrong. Hahnemann was never depressed in the winter like an Aurum would be. Hahnemann lost some of his children during one winter, when he was chased out of town again by the apothecaries. On the way there was a snow storm and when he crossed the river the bridge collapsed and he lost two children who were drowned under the cart.
An Aurum would have never forgiven himself and would become so depressed he is most likely to commit suicide.
Hahnemann on the other hand, became even more ardent in his desire to spread the word. It increased his fighting spirit. Also, Aurum is always rather gentle and Hahnemann was far from gentle, as the introduction to the Organon attests.
He is Nux vomica.


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