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Some of my personal observations indicate that certain homeopaths give only the 30 potency to every patient after selecting the homeopathic similimum. They give multiple repetitions of this remedy at a 30C potency and if any new complaints arise they repeat the same dose with same potency.

Once they select any similimum it becomes the patient's medicine for lifetime. Every time the patient comes to the clinic for different complaints they repeat the same dose i.e 30

For example, if I selected lycopodium, it becomes my medicine for a lifetime for any of my complaints. They also say that they have treated many pathological cases. They build their own homeopathic hospital with bravado that they practice classical homeopathy.

These are my two questions:

Is this classical homoeopathy?

Was this method told by Hahnemann in any of his writings?

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Actually Kavi, Hahnemanns expereince told him the opposite. Read his C-potency cases from 1833 on, --

The LM range is universal. (Hahnemann)

That may be so, but we see from Hahnemann's daybooks that he did not follow it universally. All potencies have their uses, dependent on the case, regardless what he wrote in the Organon. He also stipulates that we start with a 30C so that from an intial aggravtion we can be sure of the remedy and can give LM immediately after. So the allowance of LM is first dependent on another potency.

My experience is that LM not always does enough, especially in cancer cases beyond stage 3. LM does little or nothing for the pain in cancers for instance. Since the cure must be gentle, we must remove the pains of cancer as much as the cancer itself. Like Hahnemann, I do not rigidly stick to just one potency range. I use what gives the best results.

Hi Kavi

What range of LM's are you using? I found, that remedies made by Gudjons or Remedia don't seem to lack strength when it comes to treating cancer cases stage 3.

BTW.: Still waiting for a copy of your book.

I did not say anything about lacking strength in cancer cases. I said that I have not seen them capable of controlling pain in cancers beyond stage 3.

You can say what you want. My experience counts for at least as much as what is written in the books. And my experience teaches me that LM does not always control the pain, where a 6X will. And when the 6X does that, it will also cure the cancer, is my experience. Homeopathy is a living Art and not a dead letter.

For me counts only one criterion - "The physician's high and ONLY mission is to cure the sick." The rules about potency also come from the Organon, so I cannot see why you would disagree with one part of the book and vehemently defend another as absolute. There is no absolute in homoeopathy, because each case is individual and no two cases are the same. That is another rule in homoeopathy we cannot overlook. We have been taught about the totality - and that is inclusive of everything.

This totality is everything that is connected to the patient – his diet and the source of his food, his work and his environment, his family and his friends and collegues. The underlined is often overlooked, but is more importsnt than we think. It comprises everything that can constitute an obstacle to cure. So the first thing is to look at the source of his food and what he eats. Since man is a herbivore, both by build and by digestive capacity, he needs to first understand that meat is not his nourishment and it is the first thing to be excluded from the diet. Together with fish and eggs, they are not “native” to his body.

Next he needs to obtain his other nourishment from organic sources, since it excludes much of the pollution caused by factory farming. Carcinogenic and sterilising influences are being removed from the diet and nourishment is provided in a healthier manner. Then if possoble, other elements of pollution need to be taken care of in terms of exposure – either from work or from the direct environmental pollution by industry, powerplants and transportation hubs and corridors. Electronics generate a lot of pollution too, which interferes with the physical electromagnetic pulse.

DM me your home address again. I shall make sure.

That's all very well, Kavi, I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

The reason i am asking the question is to find out what source of remedies have brought what result. 6x is not 6X.

I have seen 30C Weleda do little in acute cases, then got Helios 30c same remedy, and everything works well.

If you claim to have handled post stage 3 cancer cases well with 6x, then it should not be a problem to tell us which producer you were using.

I believe, what is important is the right selection of the remedy.  If the remedy selected is the exact similimum, it will work in any potency. However I generally prescribe higher potency in an acute case and low or medium potencies in chronic cases.I find, potency selection is more a matter of one's personal experience and case assessment.

Dear Kuldip singh,

You are right.First the selection of the medicine and then others.



Dear Sajjadakram,

Thanks for your comments.

A titration upon symptoms and Psychoimmunological response should always be considered into dosage.


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