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Does anyone have any experience with Polyporus Pinicola in Chikungunya or any other disease? Would also like to know that where in India it is available or which manufacturing company is selling it?


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Papaya Leaf for Chikungunya

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Dr Wilmar Schwabe India has this medicine in their catalogue. I have procured it in 30th from them but no experiences yet.
Yes Dr. Bidani, W.S.I manufactures this medicine and this is available in different potencies, I too have 30 potency with me if you dont get this please let me know i will send it.
Dr. Bidani,


As this learned physician is claiming himself as the first to declare “Polyporus Pinicola” as a specific for chikungunya (please see the attached PDF), I think he will be the best person to help you in this regard.

You'll get whereabouts of him from the attached PDF.

Thanks friends for your inputs.
Simply awesome.
During the outbreak of chikungunya, we had many cases not responding to the seemingly indicated drugs. Hence, we had to try some clinical tips. A few cases responded to Polyporus p, but we got better response with propylamine. Lycopersicum esc also helped to manage the pains after chikungunya.
Dear friends,
I tried it in a couple of patients suffering from Post-Chikungunya arthritis but am sorry to say that I found our old medicines like Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Eupatorium etc based on totality more efficient than Polyporus. The reason behind this one may be our lack of understanding the totality of this medicine.
In Post-Chikungunya Pain in joints Calc, Sulph, Nux, Tuberculinum, Helleborus may also work well
Rare remedies rarely cure, because they rarely become similar to the totality.





Common Name – Pine agaric


Natural order – Fungi


Clinical – Intermittent, remittent and bilious fevers, rheumatism, anus prolapse of, constipation, haemorrhoids, liver affections of, spleen affections of, tonsils enlarged


Proved by Dr. Burt. {The symptomatology of Polyporus Pinicola is given under Polyporus Officinalis (due to similarity in action with the latter) in the Physiological Materia Medica by Dr.Burt.}



Mind – Gloomy and despondent when in pain; spells of depression; desire to get away, be out of sight and lie     down. Restlessness.


Head – Congestion of head with vertigo when walking. Severe headache < reading or walking; with soreness   over eyes. Sharp, neuralgic, cutting pains in head, face and temples. Headache about 10 a.m., with pain in  back, ankles and legs increasing until 3 p.m., then gradually better from 3-5 p.m., followed by feeling of well  being all evening.


Eyes – Smarting in eyes. Dull pain in eyeballs.


Nose – Nostrils constantly filled with thick yellow mucous.


Face – Severe aching distress in right malar bone, with neuralgic pains in temples.


Throat- Enlarged tonsils with dysphagia and constant inclination to swallow, quite painful.


Stomach Sour eructations. Constant nausea. Burning in stomach. Constant severe distress in lower epigastrium, causing faintness; < by pressure and by walking.


AbdomenPain and distress in liver and spleen; < walking.


Stool and anus – Diarrhoea or constipation and piles.

                        Stool: loose, deep yellow; hard, dry, lumpy, bringing on piles and slight prolapsus ani.


Urine – Scanty and high coloured.


BackPains and aches with stiffness. Aching and sore sensations along the spinal column.


ExtremitiesConstant rheumatic drawing pains in fingers, wrists, knees, ankles and feet. Fingers feel quite stiff. Hips ache. Drawing inside right thigh. Sharp pain in right tibia. Hard, drawing pains in knees and ankles, causing restlessness. Aching distress, weakness of ankles and feet, walking difficult. Soles of feet and heels feel as if pounded; < when boots on.


Sleep – Restless at night from pain in wrists and knee. Deep dull, severe pain in shin bones, preventing sleep. Wakeful after 3 a.m.


Fever Paroxysms of chillness, cold shivering sensations followed by feverishness. Face hot, flushed. Hands and palms hot and dry. Slight perspiration.


Generalities – Rheumatic pains in every part of the body < in damp weather. Dampness of air aggravates the rheumatic symptoms, especially at night. Stretching.


  Modalities - > by rest

                        < Damp air, after stool, by motion, by walking. 

Polyporus acted very well and did a very commendable job in a patient with polyarthritis rheumatica, she being worse in the rains; Rhus tox though seemingly indicated and given did little benefit.

I used the 200th of polyporus.



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