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It would be nice to find out a little about each other in this group. From what country do you originate and where do you reside now? How long have you been practicing as a homeopath or a pharmacist? Do you have a special interest in this area? Are you working on any project or research? Please tell about your opinions and passions.

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Comment by Alain Picard on May 13, 2009 at 3:22am
Dear Dr Ahmed, I'm happy to se a most valuable person joining this group. No doubt that your great professional experience will be of a great help here. Warm welcome!
We are, for now, only 2 members in this group. The 2 of us are specialised in setting up homeopathic remedies. If you have any question, or if we can be of any need for your country, Bengladesh, please do not hesitate. If you want any topice to be discussed, please tell.
What happened to the discussions that were here?
Hi Myra ~ I'm reorganizing the HWC making it much better. There hopefully will no longer be a Comment Wall where messages cannot be organized with threaded replies or tags for search. You can search the Discussions for your previous post. I may have consolidated this group reply. So just post new stuff. Thanks so much

OK, Good. I'm starting:

My background is pharmacist.

Very soon I get bored in repeating always the same allopathic dispensing to chronic patients that were not cured anyway.

I also had to comment homeopathic Dr's scripts for my clients and I must admit that I was not very proud of my poor answers about the reason why such or such remedy was prescribed. In France, the dispensing of any remedy (and even the Homeopathic ones) is by law done by pharmacists only. It is against the law for a practitioner to dispense even a small pellet, unless there is urgency to do so.

So I decided to learn more about homeopathy, and I went to Paris for studying the (French) way of prescribing/understanding Homeopathy. This was in 1985.
Very quickly the homeopathic holistic approach of illnesses caught me and I decided to push forward this so intelligent system of medicine.
After having studied by full week ends (1 per month) during 3 consecutive years, I was able to comment the MD's scripts. However I noticed that I was still unable to dispense a complete script. In France it is common to have several Rx prescribed on the same script (... no comments, please ... !). Therefore, I decided to devote 10 square meters in the back of my pharmacy to manufacture the liquid forms ready for pellets impregnation when necessary.

This tiny lab grew up so quickly that I rapidly could not manage at the same time the pharmacy business and the homeopathy production. I sold my pharmacy to a "conventional" allopathic colleague and entered in association with another pharmacist already open to natural / unconventional medicines, bringing with me my at that time 1.500 dilution bottles, to start a new lab.

We sat up a bigger plant, and the success came even stronger. I was full time involved in producing homeopathic remedies, setting up new remedies for proving, going to professional homeopathic meetings etc ...

As I wanted to ascertain the quality of my production, I found a guy (he was an MD and head of the nuclear medicine department of a big French hospital). His hobby was Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurements. We decided to measure my remedies with this technique. Particularly, we compared ranges of homeopathic Rx made at the same time as a water ranges of dilutions (water dynamised within the same water). As a result we got a clear difference in NMR measurements between Homeopathic Rx dynamised into water, compared to the water/water dynamisations. The NMR results for a given homeopathic substance, although not identical had strong similarity to another range of dynamisation of the same substance and measured later on down the track.

This was the beginning of 10 years collaboration and friendship that lead me finally in Australia to set up a plant including control by physical methods (NMR + beta radioactivity measurement) of our homeopathic production.
Unfortunately, the business turned short because of lack of will from its private investors/shareholders to invest enough money to maintain this start-up alive during the 3 to 5 hectic years after its creation.

During that period, I studied also classical homeopathy at the "Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine" and, after 3 years of intense efforts and successful exams, I got the "Advanced Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine".

Back to Europe, I'm now living in Switzerland working part time in a pharmacy (where I developed the Homeopathic department) and part time as a lay practitioner in classical homeopathy in a health Centre where only natural medicine is practiced, both by MDs and non-MDs practitioners.

My aim is to retire (I'm 64) as a homeopath, because I have understood that, as long as the brain is functioning correctly, it is possible to help cure people very well with our unique homeopathic understanding of illnesses.

Looking forward to reading more about other ones, I wish you all a very pleasant day.

Dear Alain ~ this is a phenomenal story of exploration. We have much to learn from you. Does not the difference in NMR clearly show evidence that homeopathics have some energy pattern that is changed and can effect living organisms?
Dear Debby ~ Of course it does! Problem is that several measurements of the same (or of another) range of dynamisation of the same Rx produces similar (recognizable) pattern, but not exactly superposable. This because the apparatus (NMR machines and beta counters) are still not enough accurate for measurements of such little energy fields . Especially for the beta counting.
To my understanding, the proof that our remedies are not only water will be shown through the physics, and in no way through chemestry and certainly not with all these silly double blind randomized experimentations.
I would love to collaborate with scientists that are studying closely this quite common and so unknown liquid called WATER.
All the best, Alain.
I am Sampath Kumar from India, I have graduated in Chemistry and I have started my profession as Analytical Chemist in the Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals in 1989.

Now I am working as Production Manager in the Chennai based Pharmaceuticals in the field of Homeopathic Medicines Manufacturing. I am having the experience in the New formulations of Homeopathic Combinations include Oral Liquids, Tablets,Ointments,Gels and Homeopathic Cosmetics like Toothpaste, Hair oil,Shampoo etc.,

I have introduced for my company One Hair Gel with the combinations of Homeopathic Mother Tinctures which have good results now.

I have an exposure of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) to meet the International Standards in the Pharmaceuticals Manufacutring.

External applications Like Pain Gel,Single remedies Gel and Eye drops also my favorites in my Production.

I would like to extend my technical support to any Major Companies in this World to promote new Combinations in Homeopathy.

A.Sampath Kumar
Dear Sampath ~ thank you for introducing yourself and what you do. There are others here who are interested in research collaboration to show the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.
Under this Act (which had already been described in antiquity by Hippocrates), a substance that causes a disease or undesirable symptoms when used in the form produces homeopathic healing in a person who has symptoms similar to those caused by these substances.
Homeopathy should not be confused with herbal, floral, tea or dietary requirements. His clinical experience shows that the dose of the homeopathic medicine, which is diluted (infinitesimal), is effective and works even in unconscious people, infants and animals.
The medicines are prepared by homeopathic pharmaceutical,
according to strict STANDARDS OF Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. Through dilution, shakes and crunches successive processes of its own homeopathy drugs become streamlined.
It is widespread in many countries worldwide, mainly in France, England, Germany, Greece, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, United States of America and in other countries in the world. In Brazil it is a medical specialty recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine since 1980 and by the General Health of WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) since 1977.
A HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY SOUZA MARQUES, a company specializing in homeopathy, has been active since August 9, 1996 in the preparation of homeopathic and herbal specialties, but with an experience of over 80 years in the business of classical homeopathy.
Because of her deep concern about the quality of its services and products that do, it became one of the most respected homeopathic pharmacies in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
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