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This girl of 12 years of age was brought to me by her mother who was cured of her asthma by me using homoeopathy. She came to take my opinion whether to go for surgery or not. She came to me just before Ramzan started on 22/7/2011. She said,"The gastro (a senior doctor I respect a lot for his sincere and true medical opinions) said to me that my daughter has many stones in pancreas and also her pancreas is damaged. They have to remove the stones by operating. Even after surgery, he can't give any guarantee of the future diabetes that my daughter will get."


I asked her a detailed history and the following text gives the information.  

Presently she is perfectly normal, she said.

The girl of 12 years, looks thin but tall, fair, silent and very attentive. She is intelligent, a good student at school, always comes first. Her teachers say that she is the best student, does all the home work promptly. But when she gets abdominal pain, she faints and becomes very silent and her face changes to red. But she never complains. Her mom says,"My kid is very obedient, does help in her house work if needed. She was never stubborn, always smiling."

This girl gets abdominal pain, which she refers as belly not as stomach. The pain starts suddenly, like spasmodic then turns to burning and its becomes unbearable after that. Sometimes she vomits. During the pain she can't eat any food, nausea, whole abdomen feels like burning. Eating doesn't relieve, nor drinking water relieves, but after sometime it reduces. Taking allopathy tablets gives her relief, but she feels too weak for next 2-3 days.

Her appetite is otherwise normal, eats mostly rice and vegetables, can eat non-veg, but likes sweets a lot. Eating sweets doesnt cause any problem, actually food doesnt cause any problem as such.

Sleep is normal. Bowels are normal and regular, everyday morning.

She is otherwise healthy. Occasionally have had fever, chest infection but not on regular basis. Her mother said,"She is my most healthy child, but since last 3 years she has this pain."

She is 5th kid of her mother. Her eldest brother is now 23years old.

Her mother said,"I have had 6 pregnancies, but after my first son all were aborted, some in first 3 months and some in 6 months. The doctors couldn't give any reason. This kid is born along with a male kid (twins, but not identical, the other twin is a male and gets always RTI, but now cured by homoeopathy). After these kids were born, I did tubectomy.

This patient was born as twins along with a male. The pregnancy was declared high risk, but no problems happened, and normal delivery took place at a good hospital. Since then she has always been the better kid, although her twin bro is very naughty and head strong.

This girl never had any significant problems till she was 8 years, when she got her first abdominal pain and fainted and was brought to me. I had given her Puls which gave relief and then due to repeated complaints of pain, she was taken to gastroenterologist, who diagnosed the pain as acute pancreatitis and was cured with Iris-v by me. Then she kept on getting pains with increasing intensity and was admitted and treated. On discharge, was told as above.

She is otherwise healthy. Occasionally, she has had fever and chest infection but not on a regular basis. Her mother said, "She is my most healthy child, but since last 3 years she has this pain."


I started my treatment on 22/7 and then slow and steady progress was seen as of today.


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Dear Dr Sayed. Thank you for this contribution. Can you explain how you came to the remedy selections? What potency and how often was remedy given? Congratulations on a difficult case. Seems you took into consideration the placement of child in family as last out of a number, plus the fact she is fraternal twin and relationship of all family members. Interesting she is so "good and cooperative" and twin brother "naughty and headstrong." Anxious to hear your thoughts.

Phos was given in LM. Started with LM 1 and as of today she is on LM 5. Latest USG shows - Thinning of parenchyma, cystic dilatation of duct near the head of pancreas. No evidence of calculi. Waiting with complete patience for the regeneration of pancreas.


Iris-v was given long back when she had acute episodes. Since those doses didnt bring about cure, I gave her constitutional remedy with remarkable improvement.
I am working jointly with her Gastroenterologist, who is my senior and who knows homoeopathy has hope for such cases. 

The male twin is healthy and has almost the same features as that of Phos.

Nandukumar sir, as I call him, gastroenterologist, is a very spiritual person who takes lots of care for his patients. He has referred me few cases of gall stones and he knows homoeopathy works well without any side-effects. He also agrees that our medicines work through allopathy drugs


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