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Thanks for Dr. Rahalkar for this amiable poem!

by Dr Sarang S Rahalkar

Once upon a time
Sitting in repose & tranquility, at a beautiful seashore
A humming bee came & asked
“Why don’t you work?”
“What for?” I asked
“To have Luxuries & Comforts!”
“What for?” I again asked
“To enjoy life!!” The Bee said
“Oh, I see, but I am doing the same right now”

This busy bee belongs to a Zealous, Ardent tribe.
They are of highly civilized, A-1, refined class
In our Homoeopathy we name them “NUX VOMICA

They are the Architects of modern civilization
The cities of Sky scrapers, Neon lights, speedy cars & crowded busy bazaars.
These people are caught in highly seasoned, wild & fast world.
But this Bee is full with Ambition

They always have Positive Notion
They are Zealous & Ardent
They work for Honey (Fame) & Money
They work on & on, remain occupied always
To achieve high aims, they always find positive ways.

Telephones ringing, clockwise appointments
Continuous meeting, urgent calls,
Conferences, committees, quarrels & conflicts
These things they have always to solve
These men earn to spend and spend to earn.

They want more still more,
They are never full & they always feel not enough,
They make millions & trillions
These turn them mere machines for making money,
For us it may look a bit funny.

I asked the Bee,
Why are you so Ardent, Zealous, Fastidious?
She told “For Honey”
I asked curiously, tell me more,
She told, I am Ambitious, needs fame,
Don’t like anyone’s interference

I am sensitive, to rudeness, to moral impressions
Don’t like kind words, nor consolations
I don’t’ like horrible stories & injustice
But instead like honey & on honey would like to spend money
With whisky & wine I am always fine
Mood can’t say, but to be sensitive is my way
Once I like anything I just like it,
For any injustice I fight it.

I work very long, without rest.
I have always to give my best
So tension is the word in my mind
In Rage I may kick & curse which is not kind

Habits are sedentary, love food highly seasoned.
Stimulants make me feel good, make my mood turned.
I select the food best, but cannot digest.
All these end in irritation – of temper & tummy
There are reverse peristalsis & colitis

I just cry Oh! Mummy!!
Liver- starts speaking,
It falls prey, kidneys & stomach also give way.

I ask the Bee “ Would you like to enjoy
Repose with me??”
She said Yeah would love to, but I can’t
Being occupied I feel better.

This is the Story of a Busy Bee the Nux
Who is hurried & worried till he is Burried.

NJH Sarang Case of Fever

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..jus a prfect explanation abt nux.vom....."the bg bee"..

Great Poem. Thanks so much. We use this a lot for animals. Many normally friendly cats who begin to hide (so sensitive) and not eat respond to Nux. I had a cat that the owner, other pets in the home and friends called the cat from hell. He opened the fridge (she had put a padlock on it), the cupboards and knocked down food for the other animals to eat, yet they were scared of the cat and slunk along the wall if he were in a room. He attacked his mom often and when strangers came, or friends, he would jump onto their chest and hiss in their mouth. I started with 200c Nux - no effect. Then monthly gave Belladonna, Strammoniun and 4 others. Finally she was about ready to stop homeopathy and I got her to agree to one more try - Nux 10M - that did it. When my 5 year old daughter and I came to her town for a conference we visited and this cat rushed out from the kitchen and danced around my daughter on his hind legs "He's the most wonderful cat in the world," she said. 

Thank you for this note Dr. Chambreau! In fact, many of my friends have cats and this phenomena is what i-/they feel/see/experience with some of them. Will pass them to read this page. I know many aggressive dogs with similar problems. Near my place I know a beautiful German shepherd (about in his middle ages) who when someone passed them on the street during the daily walks, the dog started to hysterically bark looking on the man's ankle and bite them. Another phenomena with the same dog was when i passed near their gateway and saw that the dog rushes out of the door and does the same with somebody who is standing there and waiting them to pass to enter it. The owner is a lady but i didn't see the dog for months. The veterinarian (not homeopath ) and one dog instructor said that this cannot be changed. I hope that the owner didn't euthanize him.

Of course it can be changed with training, homeopathy, flower essences or acupuncture...I would be thinking Belladonna, Strammonium, Lyssin (if ever vaccinated for rabies) and any of the other rabies remedies. Lachesis certainly has that striking aspect. Hope you can offer to treat these dogs in the future - at least offer an option. 

Thank you Dr. Chambreau!


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