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Dear Colleagues,

I need some advice from any of you who have treated patients affected by MRSA bug and can help guide me about posology on treatment. We will know probably by tomorrow if culture is positive for this bug.

Patient is 19 years old and is heavily sedated. Has had a low grade temperature for a couple of days.Suffered severe trauma to body causing shattered bones in ankles,  wrists, spine, broken pelvis.....    Operations in hospital occurred in last few days, including today.  Patient is in critical care. 

It is not possible to ask questions. I cannot examine the patient. The patient is heavily bandaged. I have no privileges in the hospital. Remedy would probably be administered by a relative.  

Based purely on clinical diagnosis of MRSA I am thinking of Pyrogenium 200ch.  I have no experience in such an acute, and severe case, and am hoping that you can advise me as to whether this would be the correct remedy, dosage, and guide me with the frequency.  

I am very grateful for all suggestions and am thanking you all in advance for taking the time to read this and perhaps help.


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Marilyn ~ These articles might be of interest.

Dr Guillermo has been having an on-going discussion about this infection with others at the first link.
Homeopathy and Microorganisms Producing Exotoxine
MRSA Equine Horse
Homeopath in Germany who could help with a case of MRSA
The Health-Care Swindle
Homeopathy Helps Sinusitis
How Does Homeopathy Deal with E-coli Infection from Tainted Meat
Thanks so much, Deb. Going to have a look now.
Dear marilyn:

There are great possibilities that the patient is septic. Pyrogeniun is well thought out, but i would prefer a lower potency (30c). On the other hand, the use of antibiotics will be indicated according to the result of culture (let them use them)

You will help a lot!... I have seen an "Optimization" of antibiotics when using homeopathy (just, mere observation).

"Optimization of Allopathic Medicines Through Homeopathy"

Kindly, read my case on the following article:

"Homeopathy and Microorganisms Producing Exotoxines"

Best wishes


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