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Patient, age 61 years old, having low grade fever worse evening time after 4 pm, lack of confidence, restlessness both mentally and physically, feels chilly wants blanket all the time. thirst is increased small quantity at larger interval. First pain started in ankle joint and wrist joint; then there were chills with fever, with burning in feet and swelling in feet.

CBC-wbc-16500, platelets-165000, other all are within normal limits. IgM dengue+, after 15 days chicken guneia +, kindly suggest the remedy. If any more question to be asked from patient, please suggest.



Chikungunya, a “dengue-like” disease with fever and rash affects mainly adults, affecting wealthy and poor, alike; while dengue mostly affects children with the fever and rash. The name “Chikungunya comes from the African, "that which bends up" since patients may experience chronic arthritis pain in several joints. 
  • World Health Organization Chikungunya Fact Sheet
  • A mosquito borne viral disease causing fever and severe joint pain, muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rashes lasting 4-8 days but can range from 2 to 12 days
  • There is no cure for the disease.
  • Relief of temporary and long term symptoms 
  • Proximity of mosquito breeding moist areas to humans result in higher incidence
  • Found in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent and now in Europe and the Americas.
  • Quick onset of fever frequently accompanied by joint pain lasting a few days or weeks.
  • Occasional cases of eye, neurological, heart complications, and gastrointestinal complaints.
  • Complications and death may result in the elderly

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I just came back from Belize with Dengue a month ago. Wish I knew what to take!?!

Dear Dr Bruck - I hope you never will get an infection from another serotype of viruses, but anyway, I would like recommend you my blog about it, just to read the homeopathic part.

And thanks Dr. Santosh for this interesting tópic. I hope it could helps you too.

Hemorrhaghic Dengue

Best wishes.

Latest report that Chikungunya has entered the United States 2014


The disease spreads when person who has been bitten by the aedes aegypti or aides albopictus carrier mosquito enters the country. Many vacationers go to the Caribbean where the disease has a high rate of incidence and returns via air transportation. 

  • Once a person recovers from Chikungunya it appears they retain life long immunity.


  • Searing headaches
  • Burning fever
  • Painful Joints unable to walk or use hands
  • Can barely walk or use fingers or hands
  • Like flu combined 
  • Like arthritis
  • Aching bone 

Do you recognize the homeopathy remedies for "everything coming apart?" 

  • Eupatorium
  • Legume family

This disease may be fatal for persons with weakened immune systems, like the elderly, when underlying illnesses are triggered.

An estimated 60-90 percent of those infected show symptoms, compared to around 20 percent for dengue, which is common in the region.

  • There is no vaccine for chikungunya
  • Treatment consists of pain management and hydration
  • Homeopathy can help


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