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Gisa, Exercise to MM / Understanding Remedies. Part of a lecture


  • From left to right = from feeling emotions (no differing) to thinking about (try to differ)
  • chronically advancing disease
  • Don’t healing = clamping at old problems, cannot let them go
  • Liver remedy = tendency to anger
  • Concretions = old dogmas
  • Cause: angry, strong smelling = cause: angry, strong strange force


Urine tract + genital tract = partnership = being together with near people (family etc.).
Urinary tract = living together
Genital tract = creating together

  • Sediment (special, I don’t know in English), sharp = old dogmas try to leave the person, make active problems
  • Children cry before urinate = children (young people without experiences) bring out their problems with the emotions (feeling helpless)

Skin, glands, lymphatic

Skin = safety

  • Dry skin = safety without any emotion
  • Looking old = being far away from youth, when we are able to change things in life

Bones, muscles

Muscles = movement

  • Muscles are weak (children and older) = if being in dependency they cannot move the world


Digestion = cognition

  • Flatulency = old ideas blockade the life, can't get loose
  • Constipation = old ideas blockade the life, can't get loose, something seems to cramp
  • To be full after only a little bit = doesn't like to get new information. Blockade for other possibilities
  • Must make loose the clothes = needs place for the new information
  • Liver cirrhosis, chronically = Liver means anger, cirrhosis is a lot of hard cells (like a wall), chronically (since a long time) behavior == old anger, old dogmas blockade since a long time
  • Tendency to ascites = a lot of emotions (ascites = fluid) blockades all metabolism of strange to own information
  • Cachexia = he lose all substance to live with, all strength, all motivation

Nerves, sensation

Nerves = communication (those symptoms explain themselves)

  • Angry, irritable, bossy, angry
  • Can tolerate no contradiction
  • Moody, sad, despondent, shy
  • Anxious, no longer believes in healthy, lack of self confidence
  • Apathy, bad mood
  • Fear of being alone
  • Moved to tears
  • Children are cranky, cry come back


Eyes = Sight of life

  • Conjunctivas are seen as raw meat, while the bursting headache =
  • Conjunctiva is the connective tissue, which has contact to the whole body (iris diagnostics)
  • As raw meat = made in the core
  • Headache = central problem
  • Bursting = explosive
  • All what is to be seen is wrong, it disturbs the whole sight of life, it makes many problems which seemed to be not getting loose, the pressure is so strong that all threat to explode


Modalities = circumstances

  • Problem becomes active / is triggered, if...
  • < 16-20 o’clock = time of shame and coordination
  • Restlessness in the beginning of movement = wants to flee
  • Warmness of bed, air = feeling worse if confronted with warmness and emotions and the own core
  • Envelopes = warmness from out coming


Problems seem to be better, if...

  • Continued movement = if he can do something
  • Free air = if he is free to think of his own
  • Belching = if he can get loose old thoughts
  • Hot food and drinks in the throat and stomach (otherwise heat gets bad) = if he feels love to help his needs and to help his knowledge

Thoughts by the remedy

Being angry = that still psychological

To smell something = you normally smell strange persons / things.

Strong = heavy, not easy to carry / to accept


All, what comes from outside is not amusing for Lycopodium. It's without love and joy. so he becomes angry for all, what seems to be dangerous. A new job is a catastrophe, new people, new circumstances - and inbetween Lycopodium, not knowing how to do all in the right way. It's enough to smell the people, this STRANGE people!


All husbands are Lycopodium!

This is a homeopathic rumor but does not conform to reality.

It is in these marriages often Lycopodium situations because social constraints enforce this. But the basic system in men is at the utmost 5% Lycopodium of the actually cases.


The Lycopodium husband, however, is very thorough on the job because he has a holy fear of doing something wrong. If he does something wrong, then all other colleagues know that - horrible! That stresses him so much that he always comes home exhausted. Now he has no patience with anything or anybody. So he is angry quickly, after all, he has exhausted himself for all of the others.


Lycopodium is with his two legs in two different worlds. It cannot be bridged here. So there's a hot leg and the other is cold.

A case of Lycopodium mental point of view:

A little boy is born into a family that already has two children. The mother is overwhelmed already with the two. Third, it presents major problems because the money goes back, not forward. Somehow she finds the boy as the cause of all problems arising now.

In order to educate him, she used a wooden stick at every opportunity. He is beaten up when he does not immediately understand what the mother says. If the mother wants to increase the penalty yet, she locks him in a small dark room in which the apples are stored. Besides the apples there's rats that eat the apples.

In praise of the boy learns not in his childhood. Instead, he diligently tries any job. Early on, he is in training. As soon as possible, he attains the driver's license, which is also professionally necessary. It keeps running on a boss who does not appreciate his performance.

Then, he is unemployed. He cannot put on a show well into perspective. He does not know how to do it, because he has no role models. It lacks all scales, as it could be perceived as "good" and "right".

He takes a risky job that nobody else wants. He brings income to his family to make ends meet. He is totally exhausted, because at every opportunity, he calls himself.

After half a century he has exhausted his strength. He died from a sudden collapse, are at the heart and breathing stopped.


We need to understand Lycopodium, to do him justice. Try to see life at once with his eyes.

Help not only by Homoeopathy

If we work with homoeopathy successfully, it makes sense to understand also the background of a remedy.

There are 3 basic feelings in the life which put out his charm: 1. Love, 2. joy, 3. trust. If these three feelings are in the balance, the person is healthy.

However, often he is not this, because already during child days these feelings have been questioned. From it there results among other things fear.

Fear which we would have everybody. Nevertheless, the difference between us exists in dealing with the fear.

This contact differs with Lycopodium from all other remedy strategies. Lycopodium avoids.

Lycopodium was confronted with this fear in a life phase when he saw generally no chance to undertake something against the external attacks. He felt helpless. He does this till this day, so he avoids the situation. Either he is so good that nobody can criticize him, or he disappears behind the wall of a drunken head or the smog of a cigarette.

Now we can give Lycopodium people simply Lycopodium. With it we presumably repair the symptoms which have appeared by the unsolved fear in a current situation.


Unsolved mental problems move permanently to the body where they are defined for the individuality as “solved”.

But because the person lives on, he will be confronted again and again with the effects of this fear. Therefore, it is to be known sensibly, where from this fear comes and how one could solve this fear. In the meantime, the person has become older and wiser. The old situation in which this fear had entire authorization might belong to the past. If we recognize this, we can give to the Lycopodium person maybe the means to the hand which persuade him of his own competence. If he takes part, he is cured of his fear and must not count in future any more on internal breakdowns. Then this would be a real healing.


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a very interesting perspective indeed .. very simplified and logical... 

thanks for for sharing the knowledge. Would love to understand more such lines. 


dr. nritiya 

I will do, step by step. Rhus toxicodendron I have load up today, too.

IN principle it is simple. Look, what each organ / part of the body is working for and "tranlate" it into mental / psychological "language".

To gain access to the topic of psychosomatics, it makes sense to deal with anatomy and physiology. The knowledge of the level of the first semesters is enough. If we ask ourselves the question, what makes an organ, we can translate this into all areas of life.



This tract is a long tube. This tube has a four-layer construction. Each layer has its own function. Mucosa + submucosa, muscle layer, outer layer. Function: perception, transportation and protective shield. Here we can also question the cotyledons. There are three cotyledons. Please remember: we have three miasms.

First Symbolism: in numerology, the number 4 represents the earthly. (We need very ground / hand tight these digestive tract, or we starve).

Second Symbolism: in numerology is the number 3 for the summary of the divine / Trinity. (We are made of body, mind and soul). The assignment can be individualized according to the respective faith (not religion: for this is faith + interpretive ground crew = dominance).

Symbols are important. They carry old knowledge that comes from a time that is before the modern era. As our ancestors have lived successfully on this earth, they must have operated successful pattern. Their knowledge is useful for us. So even their symbolism is useful for us. The most effective numerology you find in Jewish. There, letter and number are the same. Those who are interested can get most likely here. References: (1) Kabbalah (2) Friedrich Weinreb.


Back to the digestive tract.

To live, we need food. Both - mental and physical. Symbolically considered: we eat information, love, protection and joy. We trust to survive with it. In the digstion include: (1) protein (2) carbohydrates, (3) fats and trace elements / minerals. In addition, catalysts in the form of vitamins and the like. We also consume masses of water.


  • (1) Protein: building blocks of life. Five of them sit on each RNA / DNA, actually there are four building blocks, the fifth one of the other four exchanges. Protein is thus an information carrier and differentiated knowledge.
  • (2) Carbohydrates: energy sources that enable us to act spontaneously. They also represent the sweetness of life, because generally they taste our excellent.
  • (3) Fat: storage units. This depot may be reduced if action is needed (fats burn in the fire of carbohydrates). If we are active, we are reducing our inventories. But that is why we have created it so well. Astrologically: the virgin sorted the storage, so that in winter or drought is not sitting high and dry. Of course I also use astrology as a repository of knowledge. After all, we can already demonstrate over 4000 years of experience in this field.
  • Minerals / trace elements: stabilization must be so we do not collapse (calcium). But can also run the sodium-potassium pump has to clean around. But that is outside of the digestive tract.
  • Catalysts: Very well understood correctly, we do not have this feature. We only know that a catalyst must be present, so anything can happen. Nevertheless, he remains strangely uninvolved. So we need managers to system. Catalysts do this job.
  • Last but not least the water so that everything can flow well, everybody needs one Ganges / Nile / Amazon. Water is the flow of love and all emotions. Where it is, there can take place exchange. Where drought, we dry and harden and repulsive. To highlight the importance of water, we need only to remember that daily 180 liters are passed as blood by the kidneys. 180 liters of liquid to be purified. The blood is the river of life. Of which we have about 5 liters. But in addition also at least the same amount of liquid as the lymph or other forms. All these liquids must be cleaned. We need the water. Asks a housewife without any water cleanliness and hygiene no. In our body-universe, everything has its place and function.


Attached glands:

  • (A) the custodian of the liver and gallbladder: among others in the liver fats are differentiated. We hoard here, but can also develop our forces. We hoard here so strong emotions like anger, rage and fury. If we channelize these bursts into useful paths, we have the power in our own development.
  • (B) pancreas: It consists of two areas, the endocrine part (sugar metabolism), and the exogenous part (digestive juices). Sugar is sweet, and provides the ability to enjoy the sweetness of life. The digestive juices cleave proteins (information) and keys to complex sugars. They are similar to the catalysts managers of the digestive tract. Information we need to use.



Digestive tract corresponds to absorption of information and its implementation in the body's own informatics. Furthermore, the inclusion of power and their storage. In addition, the climatic cycle of emotional weather, as well as chief of staff for the floor. The appended glands help fine work.

I translate into the language of the everyday life. After all, we want to live a daily life also. Everyone understands this, no doubt in a very individual way. But it excludes the use of technical terminology, which otherwise would only lead to confusion. For homeopaths, however, that’s nothing special, because our descriptions are symptoms. From the mouth of the "normal" people, thus free from Greek-Latin gibberish, free of profile neuroses.

As well as you can say something about the body-soul-context you can speak about the remedies. They also speak about the same topic.

What a lovely way to describe the remedy personality, but, we do have to use it if the totality is in place or do you use it with the fact that the personality is this way as it doesn't come out in a repretorised case?

I have basically two ways to prescribe a remedy:

I can prescribe it alopathically because of "hepatopathy" (or whatever).

Or I'm going to find out Keynotes, compare with the structure of personality and prescribe it then, because it covers both the Keynotes and the personality.

I find in a patient never all keynotes. Totality is a pipe dream, because my options to consider that are, in reality, very limited. His behavior, however, I can see better when I watch him.

The personality is in my opinion the best chance to prescribe the most suitable remedy.


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