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When a car loses its alignment it does not run properly in straight direction isn’t it?

The same happens with eyes, when there is misalignment in two eyes, the both eyes cannot look in same direction and that is known as Squint.

This alignment may get disturb constantly or only for sometime in a day. It is common in children but may occurs in adults.

When eyes are not aligned properly each eye focus on different object and brain gets two different signals leading to confusion and may have these effects.

  1. A child may ignore the image coming from the deviated eye and thus sees only one image, this suppression of image from deviated eye result in poor development of vision in this eye which is called as Amblyopia.
  2. An adult has double vision, Diplopia because he can not ignore the image.
    Squint can be classified as following

A - Depend upon angle / degree of severity:

  1. Concomitant squint: Angle of squint is same in all direction that you look. The two eyes move well, all muscles are working, only alignment is missing.
  2. Incomitant squint: The angle may vary when you look to left there may be no squint and eyes are aligned.

B - By the direction of turning eye:

  1. Inward (esotropia).
  2. Outward (exotropia).
  3. Upward (Hypertropia).
  4. Downward (hypotropia).

C -

  1. Constant.
  2. Intermittent.

D -

  1. Manifest Squint: Eye turn when open.
  2. Latent Squint: Eye turn when shut.

E - Childhood Squint:

Squint is common in first 3 years of life. In many cases of childhood squint, the reason is not known. In some cases the disorder of eye muscles, eyes, brain or nerves are there.


The movement of each eye is controlled by six muscles. That pull eye in various direction. They are superior, inferior, medial, lateral muscles and superior and inferior oblique muscles. Squint develops when these muscles do not work in a balanced way and the eyes do not move together correctly. Loss of co-ordination between the muscles of two eyes leads to misalignment.

Congenital Squint

Here the child is born with a squint. In most cases one eye turns inward, it is known as infantile esotropia. There is some genetic component to this type of squint.

F - Squint related to refractory errors:

  1. Myopia - short sight.
  2. Hyperopia - long sight.
  3. Astigmatism.

These arises due to poor focusing of light through the lens in the eye. When the child with refractory errors tries to see clearly an eye may turn. It is common in children who are 2 years or older.

G - Other causes:

A squint may develop in some children with cerebral palsy, brain injury, hydrocephalus and various other condition. When a homeopath deals a case of squint he prescribe medicine after studying all above mentioned factors as well as consider many more symptoms such as - squint during or after brain diseases, is it on alternate day, during dentition, with diarrhea, is it convergent or diver gent, is it associated with meningitis or menstrual irregularities, is there any complaint of night terror or any type of fear, is it occurred after abdominal irritation, wormy diathesis, reading a while, is the patient has sick look of face with dark circle around the eyes, is it periodic and painless; any involvement of optic nerve and so on.

In homeopathy there are lot of remedies for nerves, muscle, veins, arteries, etc. To balance the alignment between two eye not the only task for Homeopathy but why there is this misalignment is the main issue, then it may be either genetic or non-genetic. Homeopathy start its work from the center of the disease and hence it improves the immunity makes the constitution strong enough to restore normalities.


There are more or less 91 remedies for squint in homeopathy. But few of them are very much valuable.

1 - Belladonna

Squint in brain complaints or after brain complaint; squint in children; squint during convulsion; squint after convulsions; squint with worms; with fever; squint convergent, eyeball left turned in; squint with strained feeling in eyes; squint with stricture in lachrymal duct; squint with eyes turned outwards, inward, upward directions; squint with diplopia and tremulous movement of eyeball. Belladonna is the king remedy in squint or strabismus.

2 - Cicuta Vir.

Squint periodic; from cold; during convulsion; after injury; after fright; after emotions; from fear; squint agg. touch; convulsive and spasmodic squint; squint convergent; diplopia.

3 - Cyclamen

Squint convulsion after; squint fever with; squint measles after; squint with menstrual irregularities; squint with worms; convergent squint; diplopia; squint convergent left eyeball turned in.

4 - Hyosymus

Squint due to muscular paralysis; squint after continued fever; squint in and after brain complaints; squint in children; convulsion during; squint aggravates due to excitement; squint fright from; squint with worms and chiefly hyosyamus acts well in divergent (exophoria) squint.

5 - Spigelia

Squint general; squint warmth from; convergent squint in Helminthiasis; sqint divergent.

Apart from these remedies few unique drugs are there for squint with specific characters such as:

  • squint every other day - Chininium sulph.
  • squint with chorea - Stramonium.
  • squint with epileptic paroxysms - Tarentula.
  • squint dentition during - Alumina.
  • squint from suppressed diarrhoea - Podophyllum.
  • squint reading while - Zabacum.
  • squint in meningitis - Calc.phos.
  • squint in puerperial mania - Camphora.
  • painless squint - Buthus-australis. etc.

Few years ago i had a case of squint, 4 years old girl. No specific history of child.I tried 3-4 medicines with no success. H/O mother reveals that she took calcium (more than prescribed) during pregnancy to make her baby more strong and she had constipation. By considering effects of hypercalsemia, I simply prescribed Calc.carb. 200 one dose followed by Calc.carb. 1M one dose after 3 months. Slight positive change. Then Calc.carb 1M repeated, no specific change!! At that time I was not aware much about LM potency!! But I was firm with my medicine, I prescribed Calc.carb. 10M,exactly on 11tth month from beginning of case; the child got good results with 90% normality in eyeball movement!! How magical Homeopathy is!! We can cure child with H/O parents too!!!

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