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It would benefit a large number of people if some cure can be found for these symptoms. I have used apis and xerophylum for eye puffiness. Can anybody suggest some other medicine?

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Puffiness under eyes is caused by many factors to name a few
1 Fluid Retention and heredity
3. Sleep deprivation
4. Allergies
5. Alcohol
6. Skin Disorders
10.Nephrotic syndrome Etc.
Along With Medicines Also try these They Might Help :

1.Use a cool compress. Wet a clean washcloth with cool water. While sitting up, apply the damp washcloth to the skin under and around your eyes for a few minutes using mild pressure.
2.Get enough sleep at night. For most adults, seven to eight hours a night appears to be the best amount of sleep.
3.Sleep with your head slightly raised. An Extra pillow will help it further , This helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep.
4. Reduce allergy symptoms. Avoid allergens when possible .
Indicated Homoeopathic medicines for this purpose are
Apis mel, Arsenic album, Kali carb, Kali Iod, Calc ars, Acid Fluor, Aurum, Ruta, Nux Vom Etc.
Very nice answer.
Dear Dr.Vikas Verma,
A complete answer provided...Thanks!
thank you Dr.Vikas your detailed answer has helped a lot. In my case it is old age and perhaps fluid retention though not hereditary. When I drink more water it becomes more prominent though urine flow is no less. These eye bags have developed after the sciatic attack on my right side. The sciatica pain is under control, thankfully, due to the wonderful homeopathy medicines since last four years. Last year I developed eczema on my left ankle which is taking time to heal. I thank you again for taking out time to reply in detail.
Dr. Shahnaz for eczema ankle you may also consider the following if they match with the symptoms ,
Chelidonium majus
Natrum Phos
I wish if it could help you , all the best and get well soon
Dr. Vikas verma
To study the face is to study the organs connected to each feature- The kidneys are represented in the area located under the eyes. Puffy/bags/discoloration is usually a sign of an imbalance within the kidneys. This said; Treatment must be from the perspective of all realms (mental/physical/emotional.) A trauma of 'fear' causes imbalances within this organ (kidneys). It is impossible to post a handfull of remedies that might apply. One MUST look at the overall individual.
Its a nice study on a somewhat common ailment "Puffiness around the eyes" posted initially by Dr Shahnaz;

Comment by Dr Vikas and Dr Gina are very informative indeed. It shows how homeopathy can tackle the problem by taking the symptoms with emphasis on "Location, sensation and modality" and any concomitant that may be available at that time in form of another symptom.

As Gina says that with Puffiness we have to study the face and concomitant about Kidney, urinary symptoms, together with other symptoms which will be our best guide and " One MUST look at the overall individual" to select A remedy.

In recent days i have used Boenninghausen's repertory and have been finding it really helpful; though i have other software also.
Thanks Gina you are absolutely right about overall look of an individual.I also welcome and appreciate your friendship offer. love Shahnaz
Kai carb symptoms matches with renal failure but it does not work.
Exactly in the same manner Phos symptoms matches with malignant jaundice but fails.


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