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Inguinal Hernia Treated Without Any Surgery Because Homeopathy Sugar Worked


On 21/6/2011,

I was called upon by my friend, "Dr. Tahir, you had told me that you can cure hernia if you get a patient."

Me : "Yes, I can surely try to cure with homoeopathy medicines."

A girl 5 years old, 3rd kid of her mother, belonging to a rich and educated family. Dad works in gulf, is a business man. The kid was accompanied by her mom and her uncle(my friend).

Mom : "My kid has this swelling on the right inguinal area which comes and goes. I am scared as the swelling keeps on increasing. When I consulted the pediatrician, he advised me to get my kid operated. At such an young age operation is serious, hence I came to try Homoeopathy."

The girl had right partial reducible indirect inguinal hernia.

Even after repeated questioning, her mom said,"My kid has never suffered from any significant diseases like TB, Pneumonia or any other."

Just on this presentation I started with LYCO 0/1, after 2 weeks with some improvement, gave LYCO 0/2, then after 1 month put the kid on LYCO 0/3.

After few days of LYCO 0/3, the kid developed a huge swelling at the same region along with eruptions over both ankles. The eruptions were blackish, itches, with some foul smelling. There was some pus also and low grade fever. The eruptions used to be the most at nights and after itching the baby used to cry,"My feet are burning."

I asked her mom," Mam, I am sure that this kid had eruptions like this before. Why did you forget?"

She was shocked and then she said,"Yes, my girl had similar eruptions when she was 4months old and was cured with Ayurveda that time after 6months of continuous treatment."

Can you guess what was the remedy that cured the kids eczema as well as hernia?

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Hello Dr Sayed. Wonderful case presentation of inguinal hernia related to suppressed eczema of young girl. Off the top of my head, I am thinking 'sulphur' for itching burning feet. But, it would be better to tabulate some rubrics. Wondering what others think. 

I 'LIKED" this thumbs up and hope others will too. They can also tweet to twitter or share on FaceBook. 

This was indeed a simple case cured by Lycopodium.

Since Lyco brought out the eczema forgotten by the mom and the kid, I just continued Lyco 10M 1 dose, which caused slight aggravation followed by a complete cure.


It is a good case to understand "Hering's Law".

Thank you sir,

Veeraraghavan A.R.


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