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If you open an old clock, you see a system:

It is a mechanism with toothed wheels and axles as mechanisms.

A system consists of components that work together. When "immune system" I miss any type of mechanism. That is, in my view, that it is NOT a system. This is important, because we only get the right answers when we ask the right questions.

If there is no "immune system", there can be no approach about the lack of mechanisms to explain a process.

The background of each disease is an unsolved problem. In "Infectious diseases" (epidemic), it is a group problem. For single disease, it is an individual problem.

These problems are, one and all on an emotional and spiritual level.

Acute problems are here and now have a problem. Acute diseases are the same.

Chronic diseases have an older background.

To all the problems at the moment the disease lacks any emotional-spiritual solution. This can be done individually or through the group.



Children are poorly manage at school. That gets under the skin. 30% get measles. A group phenomenon. The 70% who remain healthy, have less of a problem and they find a solution to the problems at hand.

The problem is easy to solve:

  • Where is the problem?
  • Is the teacher the problem?
  • Problematic is the kind that take place in the statements?
  • The school is heated too bad?
  • Are there pupils who bully other pupils? ... etc.


Prophylaxis is here:

The school situation must be rehabilitated.

However, if I look for the cause in a "bad" pathogens world, my hands are tied. I cannot do anything because I do not know any attacker (anxiety phenomena). I think the whole world is aggressive (allergy). I buy a health insurance policy in order to survive economically. I'm still afraid to be sick to death next (delusions). I am getting vaccinated (poisoning).


Take another example: the Spanish flu.

The disease appeared in the war. A war is a problem for all the people (except for those who deserve it). The food is bad. Nutritional deficiency. Sanitary conditions are catastrophic. Often, no roof over their head. No one knows if he'll be alive tomorrow. Who gets sick, has fear of death. Who dies, has given up.

Since the ratios are very similar for all, the consequences are similar. So similar that a single homeopathic remedy cures a multitude of people.

The enemy has no pathogens bomb dropped on. No, the enemy has cut off the only lifeline. Or it were the own generals, who have previously forced the soldiers to a vaccination (poisoning & miserable living conditions).



The attack by pathogens, there is only a theory. The theory of Messrs. Pasteur and Koch. "Antibodies" have a lab result that does not prove a causative agent. It shows only certain blood conditions that are unknown cause is attributed to "agents" - that is also theoretically. It is not possible to show an attacking bacteria when occupying work in a living body. Bacteria decompose the tissue after death (separation from the living body), there is undisputed. But bacteria that destroy the living body, I question. Bacteria dispose dead tissue, there are undisputed. But this fabric is harmful to the living body. The reduction is therefore of vital importance.



With this view, the best prevention is a solution of all problems that arise. When our children fall ill, we should look for the domestic and educational causes. The symptoms show us why our children are not able to deal with their problems successfully. The right individual homeopathic remedies makes them strong, easier to deal with the questions of life to.

In time of war, I recommend the method "Tucholsky": "Imagine there is a war and nobody goes there!" In any case, you can avoid vaccination.

  • Nourishing yourself well (not at McDonalds).
  • Live warm and dry.
  • Concern for clean water.
  • Concern for appropriate clothing.
  • Have a family / group and feel comfortable there.
  • Search in dispute is a good solution for everyone.
  • Faith in God / Goddess but to renounce religion and especially religious leaders.
  • Give up alcohol because it promotes aggression.
  • Do not let burn but think before.


Gisa, 21.01.2013

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Dear readers

We are in the fortunate position not to rely on theories, but to observe directly and to use this information to cure. Hahnemann's valuable observations were passed on to us in the Organon.  They give an perfect explanation of the cause of disease symptoms.

As homeopaths we should concern ourselves with the treatment of such diseases and not so much with materialistic theories circulated by the orthodox medics.

Organon 36, 73, 100 - 102 have never failed me, and if it comes to prevention of the spreading of disease Hahnemanns instruction contained in the " friend of health" (Freund der Gesundheit 1795) are well worth reading and applying, particularly in the less developed countries.


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