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Dear HWC Members

I know what its like to sign up for a network and click through all of the registration information, maybe glossing over a few items, and just entering the necessary information to become a member.


As you know, we have a screening process with the intent that those who become members REALLY want to participate as active citizens.


In the tutorial section, we provide BEST PRACTICES to help you navigate the website. We provide super tools and tricks to get you up and running with your computer on the internet and social networks. We hope you improve your etiquette and surfing skills, this is our gift to you.


Regarding Sending Bulk Email on HWC System

As a member of numerous websites, people who take actions against the guidelines receive notifications and potential consequences [suspension]. Isn't it best to know ahead of time expectations?


Holiday Greetings

Please post holiday greetings in the forum that extends that celebration to everyone, rather than sending a bulk email to all friends. We love you and love your greetings. Let's just consolidate them into one place. A new forum category has been created, where you can post under the designated holiday. Contact an administrator if you need a new holiday discussion added. Thank you!


What Is Bulk Email?

Any impersonal email sent to more than 5 people will incur a warning that HWC considers this bulk Email. This guideline comes from other websites of similar nature. The HWC administration did not make this up. The reasoning makes sense. If everyone did this our inboxes would be full, with messages flying back and forth and then people would just trash all messages from HWC. 

Warnings of this are included in the Guidelines every member receives when they join. Typically, a few people think they can promote themselves this way, which ruins things for the majority. Unsolicited business emails damage the senders reputation.

If you have not done this - we thank you for respecting both the guidelines and common business courtesy.

We appreciate all members and hope this makes sense, with understanding and cooperation. If ever you have a question, we are here to help.

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Very important.
Thats why I have not been checking my messages,its ALWAYS bulk emails sent to Everyone,Please Do not send them to me. To HWC members-ONLY send me an email if its to me only and if its related to something of a personal nature.


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