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High Dilutions Myth Or Reality Marc Henry, Chemist, University of Strasbourg, France

Dear Friends.

As you know HWC has a policy of ENGLISH only so that everyone can understand, learn and benefit.

Can someone please translate the video show below for us?

The whole idea of ​​homeopathic doctrine rests on the principle "Similia Similibus Curantur ... " 1810 statement by the physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) in his "Organon Of Medicine" [Organon der Heilkunst].


To apply this principle to extremely toxic, even fatal substances, it is imperative to dilute the active ingredient until its total disappearance.

Abstract | (H2O)17, a cluster with pentagonal water arrangements, squeezed in the sodalite cage of the crystal structure MIL-74 (Zn6Al12P24O96⋅ [N(CH2CH2NH3)3]8⋅(H2O)34) has its oxygen atoms well located by X-ray powder diffraction. Positioning of hydrogen atoms has been performed by a dynamic partial atomic charges and hardnesses analysis calculation, in which partial charges are recalculated for each hydrogen sub-network modification. Hydrogen atoms are therefore positioned by energy minimization. A quantitative estimation of the hydrogen bonds energy for each H[BOND]bond and for the network in the MIL-74 nanoporous compound has been obtained. This result allows a discussion of the effect of imprinting the nanoporous structure onto water or alternatively the templating effect of the cluster onto the inorganic framework.

Hahnemann had also noticed that violent shaking between each dilution solution significantly improved the therapeutic effect.

Finally, through the work of biologist Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), we know that the homeopathic action disappears if we replace the succussion by sonication.

The researcher also noted that we should not freeze solutions or the heat above 70 degree Centigrade. We also know that it is essential that oxygen is present in the atmosphere surrounding the solution and that magnetic fields must be banished from the immediate environment.

To reduce the problem of homeopathy as scientific wisdom when we cross the barrier Avogadro to 12 CH is extremely simplistic and shows in the invoking of the existence of this barrier a profound ignorance of what is actually homeopathy.

A good theory of homeopathic action must not only solve the problem raised by the Avogadro barrier, but also take into account all aspects listed above. To be credible, the theory must also be in the under current science and not invoke laws that will be discovered in the future.

Just before his death, Jacques Benveniste had understood that the key to the puzzle was in the close relations maintained by water and electromagnetism. Understanding the sensitivity of water to electromagnetic fields should automatically solve the problem of barrier Avogadro.

For quite a fun nod to history, it is that theoretical answers to all the questions posed by homeopathy was published the same year [1] Article [2] which would force Jacques Benveniste to put an end to activities of academic research.

Very recently, an "open access" version presents a less technical prediction of the existence of areas of coherence of quantum origin responsible for the spatio-temporal structure of liquid water has been published [3].

The idea is to be treated in the same formalism based on quantum field theory water and the fluctuations associated with the charge density of the electromagnetic radiation levels of hydrogen bonding. As part of this strong coupling between matter and radiation, dilute the material returns to concentrate the radiation in the physical vacuum aqueous, ie strengthen any therapeutic effect involving a frequency resonance characteristic.

Avogadro barrier only applies to neither radiation nor empty, the classic objection of skeptics of homeopathy is no longer necessary and should be therefore rehabilitate this therapeutic approach that has for nearly two centuries evidence of its effectiveness and low cost to the community.


[1] E. Del Giudice, G. Preparata & G. Vitiello, "Water as a free electric dipole laser," Phys. Rev. Lett., 61 (1988) 1085-1088.
[2] E. Dayenas, F. Beauvais, J. Amara, M. Oberbaum B. Robinzon, A. Miadonna, A.
Tedeschi, B. Pomeranz, P. Fortner, P. Belon, J. Sainte-Laudy, B. Poitevin & J. Benveniste, "Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE", Nature, 333 (1988) 816-818.
[3] I. Bono, E. Del Giudice, L. Gamberale & M. Henry, "Emergence of the coherent structure of liquid water, "Water, 4 (2012) 510-532. September 2013 conference


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I will translate it. All my apologies about the language.

Maybe then you can correct my english in the translation. This is almost 30 minutes so it will take a little while.

Thank you


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