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Recently, I read an article about blacklisting of websites that give good, useful, cheap, practical information to all who read or search for them. This dirty, faceless and spineless technique done by people harms not only those good websites, including HWC, but the masses who follow or want to follow the path of Love. The Truth must be spoken out to all and the Untruth will be uprooted completely. The time for facing the crimes, sins committed by double-faced double-players in the name of 'banking', 'corporatism', 'power over masses', 'so-called-control' and so on has already begun. Be aware of the hypocrites who bewilder your hearts and mind. Peoples exposed to cross-fire of different companies, parties i.e. almost faceless groups of "eminences" of different people who in real hate the Peace, Harmony, Love, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-violence because these are the Universal Eternal Verities laid by the Creator of everything, the Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God. The thing is that those people deny the existence of God in a very harmful way. They are represented by populists who in turn represent any ideals other than Truth and who are fooled by money and power. Leastwise, this is what they think they get in return from the “eminences”. I bet that everybody knows who are these people in today’s world. They say something and act in other ways.

So, the blacklisting. It clearly shows that today’s ethics defend and propagate the evil. It criminalizes those who are stigmatized but this stigma is caused intentionally to do harm. It’s similar to that when somebody is beaten on the street and nobody wants to notice what is going on because those witnesses afraid. Planting fear in peoples’ hearts is like selling your soul to demons.

The article shows the techniques of blacklisting (article/ article).

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