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Kent repertory is based on a false assumption that all cases should be analyzed from the generals to the particulars. Kent saw his cases from one perspective only; therefore he was a prejudiced observer even before he took the case. It is a common myth in modern homeopathy that mental symptoms are more important than physical ones. The particular symptoms coming from tumors, diseased organs or wounds can literary kill a patient which makes local symptoms the most important in many cases. ~ Murphy

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As per MURPHY...

Can we say in other we infer that tumors cured by taking mental symptoms are just a coincidence?

I have no experience of curing tumors with mental symptoms alone. Some claims ,but they are one among million. I  have cured some of the cases of non malignant tumors using Boenninghausen method without any mental/emotional symptoms. In malignancy I confess my failure.

If I were only as skilled, talented and reached the cure rate of Master Kent, I would be happy in my life, despite what others may say about him. I admire and respect all homeopaths who have contributed to furthering the knowledge of homeopathy.
No one is perfect. Mistakes are brought forward for the improvements only. Kent did a lot for homeopathy. His work is appreciable and his contribution cannot be overlooked.
I have some burning examples of curing Tumors with mental generals only......

Dr Sharma,

Please post the cases.It will bring confidence.


Thank you.I will read them thoroughly.



Dr sharma,

I appreciate the work done by you. These are combinations of Generals+mentals+particular symptoms.Actaually I was looking for the tumor cure with mind symptoms alone as by seghal’s method. In case of GALACTORRHOEA you selected conium which is 7th in reportorial analysis.would you be kind enough to explain?

Due to its special affinities for glands. Though, repertory did not place conium at first place, when we see the target organ, conium becomes the first.


That is right.Thanks.



Thank you so much the links! I appreciate your great knowledge and good repertoriation.

Regards Helena


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