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In my four years clinical experience I never failed to handle every case who came to my clinic in an emergency. Providing a combination of Aconite 1M plus Belladonna 1M at 3 dose intervals every 5 minutes, and the patient obtains relief after taking 2 doses. A 65 years old woman suffering from gallstones, she felt much pain  and had relief after 1 dose. 

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Dear Ahmad - The very best way for everyone to learn and understand case-taking is with full description of patient language. Generals, modalities, etiology, location, etc. and selected rubrics with confirmation of Materia medica. Even for common complaints, we can always learn something.

Standard protocol of take this for that, and give some many pills at such and such interval, does not help us understand the principles that Hahnemann teaches. Please further elaborate on specific cases. Thank you.

That is good advice Debby.

Combining Homoeopathic medicines is not Homoeopathic! 

sorry i do not agree with you , if you right then see our materia medica medicine that make combinations. like sulphur iod, calc iod, etc wht you say about this combination,

Remedies single or combinations when well proved can be helpful.



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