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Creating Waves of Awareness

Dear Homeopathy World Community members

The HWC website opened in 2009 and has survived. Our major mission "to spread waves of awareness" about homeopathy, to share our knowledge and stories, and to connect homeopaths around the world has been accomplished.

During that time, people have gained computer skills, lost their fears about getting on-line and realized they could not possibly break their computers unless they dropped it or spilled their drinks over the keyboard. All those who had never heard of Twitter now know how to 'tweet' their news and not their lunch menu. We have even had group homeopathy campaigns and celebrated in April the World Homeopathy Awareness Week together.

We have encouraged everyone who loves homeopathy to create a webpage or blog getting more people involved and linking up news stories and case studies. We appreciate everyone's supportive actions i.e. to "LIKE," "comment," "share," and "tweet." We have really come a long way. Banished are the days when people did not have the skills to use their computers.

People participate in on-line webinars and seminars. Most people use Skype, DM (Direct Message) and FaceBook, besides email and the telephone. We are connected in so many ways.

HWC has been broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio since 2010 an array of weekly shows and series to provide nourishment through these audio free audio files. HWC will be completing one year of online live video shows on the HEALTH INN, bringing you special guests and publicizing the benefits of homeopathic medicine to a world audience. We certainly appreciate when friends share these shows and tell others to join us.

There are upkeep costs involved and for that reason HWC has changed a small part of the network guidelines. For those who wish to write personal blogs, use them on the RSS Feeds and stream them to their networks and websites, there will be a minimal fee of $49.95 per year. We are sure you all understand that we need your support to keep going on this website.

HWC does not use your personal information to market to you in the way that Google mines all of your data and keywords, including from all your personal emails! We never give out your information without your permission. We have helped connect people in need of homeopathic care with a health professional within our community.

Staying on the HWC network and contributing your knowledge to the community has made this network a popular resource. Sharing your passion for homeopathy by pasting the HWC Badge and article links onto your website benefits your Search Engine Optimization visibility, since HWC has an excellent reputation and rating.  YOU benefit personally and WE all benefit through your well written professional articles.

Thank you

Debby Bruck and Dr Deepak Sharma



HWC Guidelines
As of February 10, 2013 We are now asking our members to show their commitment to HWC by posting one educational information original work every other month - that is 6 times per year in the form of forum comments, photos with title and descriptions, original video or participation in the group section. 



NOTE: New policy on writing blogs.


Only sustaining members will be able to write a blog [donors of $49.95/year or more] Those who donate to keep the website alive may add one link per blog to their website if it does not have lots of sales gimmicks. The Google and other search engines downgrade websites based upon their marketing and explains why we have these guidelines. Back links to personal webpages in an attempt to sell services, books, products etc is not allowed, although a link to your website may be place on your profile page. 



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