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Problems when a member changes their Email Notification options
in "Settings" (found in right hand column of your profile page).


1. If you elect to turn off messages from the network you will never get another update from HWC and there may be an important message coming from this network. 


2. If you turn off any of the other options you'll never get a message from any other member or anything posted to your contributions.


There is really no need or benefit to being a member here if your desire is to not receive any communication. 


I do understand that a network of this size can generate a fair amount of email and some of it can be noise.


You can control a lot of this when you connect with others, join groups and such as that's how most of the messages are created.


When you have time please click on the  "Settings" button and then on the "Email" tab (to the left) and you'll see this screen - I've placed an important note and arrow next to each area.



These are the communication settings required to be compliant with the members guidelines.


Here are some ways you can control things...


1. If you are receiving too many "network messages" please simply select the "Digest" option and you'll get 1 message a day with all the activity and you can scan and take action.


2. If you are receiving email from "a fellow member" that you'd rather not receive email from or one who is sending you spam - either contact them and help them understand it's hurting their reputation or disconnect from them - they are obviously not your "Friend" :)


3. If you are receiving "bulk email" (you're one of many to receive the same email, it's not personal and in many cases has nothing to do with your interests) you can "Uncheck" the box indicated in the graphic. 


This should help you as well as make sure that you can be reached in an appropriate way.


WARNING: If your account is found to not be in compliance with the above your account will be removed and in many cases I'll not be able to alert you due to these setting changes.


I am trying to do everything I can to make sure I'm communicating the upcoming changes in as broad a way as possible.


Today I will be removing members who have turned off communication since I'm not even able to share this notice with them.


If you are contacted by anyone who finds their account in the "Under Review" status (will be held for 30 days before deletion) please let them know this and have them contact me directly.


Hope this helps.

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