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Eczema is one of the hardest disorders to cure. May 2009 world news in Australia highlights the severity of this problem.

A homeopathic doctor tried and failed to treat his own infant daughter from weeping, scratching eczema. It went so far as malnutrition and death.

Here is the question. At what point do you seek allopathy and give steroids to give relief while continuing homeopathic treatment?

Our highest aim is to relieve suffering and lead to good health and cure.

What is your opinion and how will the entire homeopathic community recover from this incident?

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I, personally, never tell any client to stop taking their traditional medication. I ask them to observe and go for a check up and discuss the possibility of reducing medications with their physician. I also ask them to get clinical lab tests.

A well selected remedy will work through most obstacles.

Day 10 | 30-Day Challenge - LINK

Allopathy has limited treatment options for life-limiting eczema, while homeopathy uses an individualized approach with potentially hundreds of remedies to target this disease

Atopic dermatitis, a common problem, is often an inherited autosomal trait, often in association with other related atopic diseases such as asthma and hayfever.
The Eczema Guide

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I have seen more than 200000 clients in my homeopathic health care practice in a government hospital and there are more than 30% skin relevant cases,eczema is one of those occuring in my health care catchment area. I have examined and treated all age groups from infant to old age but never found that such a case may happen as reported in Australia so my interpretation about eczema is that homeopathy is more and more powerful solution for eczema cases instead of allopathy or any other form of treatment.
Dear Dr Mumtaz ~ what do you think happened in this case? I can't imagine eczema could result with such severity. It sounds like sepsis set in from maybe scratching and irritation to infection. How could it be that this father did not get help sooner or find a solution?
Dear Debby Bruck,

As i told in my previous message that more than 200000 clients were examined by me during my practice(These figures are only for my government department practice while number of my Private practice is not included here),infact Debby, you wil not believe that during my homeopathic practice uptill now there is no client death during homeopathic practice you can expect from me more than 200000(govt)+more than 50000 (private) clients, success reason was "Careful Practice""Strict Observation on symptoms" and "Use of short duration remedies instead of using long acting remedies", in this case it seems that father had tried deep acting and long duration remedies for the treatment of infant and i am convinced that any health care provider should never try any form of treatment for his/her family because due to nearest relationship there can be possibility of avoiding basic rules of treatment which may cause such an incidence.

I am convinced that miasmatic picture of client should always be observed.


Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Dear Dr Mumtaz, you seem to have deep experience in dermatology.
Could you please give some examples of short duration remedies and of long duration remedies?
Do you refer to the reign (duration of vegetal Rx are less than animal Rx, tmslves less than mineral Rx, for instance?) or do you refer to the potency?
Alain Picard
Dear Dr. Alain Pcard,

Very good queston. In case of short duraton medicne you may prescribe petrolium and croton tigliumm for dry or semi dry type of eczema with itching. But in case of eczema with sticky secretioon and severe itching Graphites is the best I foud in many cases. But repeated use of Graphites will agravates eczema trmendously I ovserved. on the other hand it is necessary to give due consideration on miasmatic and heriditary aspects along with avoiding relevant food allergens.


Dr. M. Ahmed
Yes, Graphites is deep acting and long duration as in general are many mineral Rx; many are also somewhat slow-paced excepting of course those which are poisonous in gross material dose.

Aggravation may often be avoided by "judicious" repetition; by matching up the client's sensitivity (on Hahnemann's scale of 1:1000 .. HIGH degree of variability between individuals !)
-AND .. by utilizing "Hahnemann's advanced method" (aka "liquid posology" .. "medicinal solution" .. "water potency") as described in 5th/6th Organon .. adjusting both the SIZE of the dose; the Potency in which the Rx is given; and lastly as a result of the slight upward incremental energetic increase in the Rx as additional succussions between judicious repetition .. theory & observations in practice being, that this series acts to "speed the cure in 1/3 or 1/4 of the time" needed by "dry dose" method .. and also avoids aggravation through epitome of similia minimus plus the factor of never repeating the same exact "energy quanta" in successive doses.

In every case I agree it is essential to give consideration to miasmatic aspects, physignomic / inherited signs/traits, etiology / timeline.

In selection of Rx, potency, liquid dilutions, succussions of successive doses, periodicity of successive doses... we have the tools to VERY Finely tune our delivery of the primary action (primitive effect) upon the Vital Force ... in such a way as to maintain the curative secondary reaction of the VF .. at a pace which creates no aggravations (similar aggravation) nor "accessory symptoms" (dis-similar aggravation)

Aphorism 63. Every medicine and every power which acts upon life deranges more or less the vital force, and produces in the individual a certain change, which may last for a longer or shorter time. This change is called the primitive effect. Although produced by the medicinal force and the vital force at the same time, it belongs chiefly to the power whose action is exerted upon us. But our vital force always tends to unfold its energies against this influence; the effects which are the result of this action, and which are inherent in our vital power for preservation, and which depend upon its automatic activity, bear the name of secondary effect, or reaction.

Aphorism 64. As long as the primitive effect of the artificial morbific (medicinal) power lasts upon the healthy body, the vital force appears to play a purely passive part, as if it were obliged to submit to the influence of the power acting on it from without, and to allow itself to be modified by it. But after a while it seems in some way to become aroused. Then, if there can exist a state directly contrary to the primitive effect or impression which it had received, it manifests a tendency to produce it (secondary action, reaction), which is proportioned both to its own individual energy and to the degree of the influence exercised by the artificial morbid, or medicinal, power; but, if there can not exist in nature a condition directly opposite to this primitive effect, then it seeks to establish its preponderance by effacing the change which had been worked upon it by the force from without (that of the medicine), and by substituting for it its own individual normal state (secondary action, curative action).

I agree with Dr. M Ahemad.

Dr. Nikhil

Sorry Alain Picard,

Kindly further explain about your question,it is mixed? clarify your queries.


Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz
Bravo! I applaud your care-giving services to so many in need. With such large amount of experience you're case-taking, art and science, knowledge of Materia Medica are superb. Wishing you the best with all you do.

Many years ago a friend died in hospital with whole-body eczema. From memory, the explanation was that in an extremely hot spell during the summer, the problem was that there was not enough oxygen exchange via the skin. This person also had asthma, but it was the eczema that was the bigger problem in the end.

I havent read that report lately of the death which occurred here, so I dont remember the details. Australia has tens of thousands of natural therapy trained practitioners who belong to professional associations. When we hear these very infrequent reports of dodgy practitioners who dont do the right thing, they are rarely members of a professional association, & operate according to their own rules, & fantasies.
i think that this asthma, may be a consequence of the H/O suppression of some older skin disease or eczema by any ointments or may be even naturally.

My experience, refers to Hahnemann's Organon, Paragraph 77 with says that
There are improperlly called chronic desease all illness that because of the abuse of dangerous food and excess of the same food, or dangerous products, or drinks etc, 
that once we stop them the body will return to its normal functions...
And the other important stage is which miasm is dominating at the moment...
I have treated patiens with very good results,
My experience is that most children or persons are intolerant to Dairy products, eggs, and processed food.. Once you keep a better diet based on fruits, vegetables, and small amounts of fish, poultry or meat, the body will start recovering, plus taking the case and choosing the remedy to the totality of the sympthoms.


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