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dear hwc member,

                       I had a paient  of 3yrs old girl  with eczema on her back since birth treated with lots of steroid till date when their parent came to my clinic in jogeswari mumbai,after getting proper history i have prescribed her the medicine it took 6-8 month to start healing,and there is improvement,there is picture of her back.

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Dear Dr Santosh ~ Good photos of gradual improvement. I am interested in learning in a typical eczema case how long it takes to see improvement. This is a particularly extreme case. I'd like to know about the location of this skin disease, the fact that it covers the back and shoulders. Eczema can occur anywhere on the body. Can you give more information.

Please take a look at the page that explains one way to present the case providing important information.

• Preliminary Data: Name, Age, Ethnic Background, Sex, Marital Status, Economic Background, Occupation • Chief Complaint in detail: Location, Sensation, Modality, Concomitant, Onset, Duration, Progress.

• Chronic Homeopathic History: Associated Complaints, Menstrual and Obstetric history, Past history and treatment taken, Family history, Physical Generals including Sleep and Dreams, Life Space with Mental/Emotional Details.

• Examination: Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Height, Weight, Tongue, Mucous membranes, Nails, Other observations of Appearance, Systemic Examination

• Investigations: Dated

• Medical Diagnosis: Provisional or final of chief complaint; with Associated Diagnoses.

• Case Analysis: Susceptibility (high, moderate, low), Miasmatic analysis (Fundamental, Dominant), Phase of Disease (acute, chronic, Acute exacerbation of chronic state, etc)
Totality (Acute, Chronic, Miasmatic)
Repertorial Analysis (Rubrics Used, Remedies with differentiation)

• Ancillary Measures suggested apart from Homeopathic remedy

• Plan of Chronic Management: Treating with acute, chronic, intercurrent, anti-miasamtic, constitutional; choice of potency and frequency of repetition, Symptoms to be evaluated for response to remedy/treatment, frequency of follow-ups required.

• Follow Up: Dates, MYMOP, Scales of improvement or percentage of improvement of symptoms. Details of intercurrent prescriptions with totality, reportorial analysis and reasons for the same.

• Discussion: Homeopathic interpretations of Direction of Cure, Analysis of pathology of disease, Sequence of remedies needed, etc.
chronic case of this type of eczema it take at least min.4-6 month to see the result,lots of patience is needed to convinced their parents.thaks for your format.
i have a baby one year old, with severe dry itching eczema, he also gets hives as well when exposed to animals and plants. the father has seasonal allergies, responding to ars iodata, the sister has eczema as well. the temperament, of baby, is loving and gentle and smiling. shall i start with psorinum? i used rhus tox and it helped for a few days then caused an aggravation, so shall i give higher. i am also using viola tricolor in a 6x. any words of encouragement out there. the mother is correcting the diet.
sulphur 200 single dose will help the miasm is psora.has u present the case.wait for 15days.


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