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Apart from the space, the homeopath needs to start their own dispensary with the usual furniture and cupboard for books, etc. There must be some other requirements.

As a homoeopath we have to observe our patients starting from when they enter the premises. Then only we can get a clear picture of their individuality. We should allow each person to walk on their own into the space before sitting in front of the homeopath. The space between the entrance of our room and our sitting furniture must be minimum twenty feet.

Please share your ideas and experiences about the same.


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The idea is quite good if affordable.
Thank you for accepting.

A clinic should be as simple as possible during starting of practice . Arrangements are depend on the area available in the clinic. Privacy should be maintain for pt.

I started my practice from a clinic 6  by 13 feets & now have a chamber 12  by 23 feets. 

Dear Dr. Veerraghavan, Dr. P. K. Dasgupta is already discussing this matter in detail. Thank you to add more dimensions. This can be corel;ated with Dr. Dasgupta's discussion to get it complete.
Thank you sir  for kind information.
Dear Dr. Veeraraghavan

We can help new Homoeopaths by various types of advises & this is good that you are also taking interest in this holy work . Kindly try to attach some photographs of inside views of some clinics.( see photographs of Dr. Rajneesh Sharma's hospital ).



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