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Wishing You Peace.

I just wanted a small clarification regarding the use of sulphur where concurrent water intake after the dose results in any adverse effects. Has anyone ever heard of these instructions or results? If so, then what may be the probable cause.

This question arose since my sir advised not to take water before and after the time span of one hour while taking sulphur remedy in any potency of homoeopathic prescribing.

He reports good results with sulphur where such a restriction to water intake is availed. 

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I think this has to be considered in the form of an experiment.

Sir awaiting ur response.

wish u peace.

I have not read or heard anywhere, this type of restriction as, not to take water before and after the time span of one hour while taking sulphur remedy in any potency. It might have been somebody's personal or individual experiment or experience. It certainly, is not a general practice.

I don't even understand the purpose of such a prohibition. Does he beleive water itself is powerful enough to upset a potentized medicine? If that is the case, does he believe air could do the same thing, or speaking perhaps?

I have had good results with Sulphur where patients drank or ate before and after taking the medicine, so I cannot understand the reasoning behind this. The remedy itself is often in water anyway. I do tend to see a lot of strange ideas or rules around what can be taken before, with, or after medicines. I have broken all of them without seeing any diminshed level of cure.

I quite agree with David Kempson what he said above. In fact many practitioners assert on the basis of their experience that potentised remedies don,t loose their remedial effect even if they are put in food or drink. I would like to quote what Gallavardin said in “ The Treatment of Alcoholism”

He treated drunkenness, frequently without the patient knowing he/she was being dosed. Homeo remedies would be put in food or drink. He said “Many readers will be astonished that a remedy in the 200th or 1M administered in food or drink should nevertheless manifest its remedial properties. Experiments prove that remedies remain unaltered even when administered in the midst of a hearty meal”.
Thus prohibition of water before and after taking Sulphur appears absolutely unwarranted.

Yes indeed! I have seen this too. I have given the remedy to patients in their tea, in their juice. I have given remedies to animals in their water and in their food. My medicines are all mixed in alcohol anyway when I prepare them for the patient, and this has never created a problem with the efficiacy of the medicine. I suspect that mixing it with some other kind of potentized mixture would be a problem but I do not think any kind of gross physical substance (that we normally ingest) would be an issue.

It might have been somebody's personal or individual experience. It certainly, is not a general practice. we in India take so many spices in our food daily, drink tea or coffee, even cold drinks, preservatives are found, tinned food also contain preservatives, what to say of water. 


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