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Quite often we prescribe bryonia for constipation because of the nature of stool, while the grand indication is that the patient has no desire or no urge to pass stool for weeks. Now, the question is, if the patient has no desire why he or she come to us for the treatment of constipation? 

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With no desire, he becomes irritable, peevish, painful and sensitive to motion.

Bryonia should be pronounced as ‘Dryonia’, because the dryness is the basic reason. The patient generally feels better by absolute rest, his intestines may also have the same feeling that why should I move? When the stools get lodged in the rectum, water gets absorbed (large intestine absorbs water), hence stools become hard leading to pain. So naturally, he needs some relief even though there is no basic desire for a bowel movement. We have many thirstless remedies, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t drink water! Therefore all natural desires in a minimal level are not significant. The intensity is more important, not mere presence or absence.

Dr Sajjad, 

                Your question has validity. Why does a person who has no desire and no urge to pass the stool for weeks come to consult a homoeopath for his problem of constipation? In fact all such patients normally don't come to us for the treatment of constipation, but the consequent harms caused due to the constipation, or other diseases.

Only during case taking do we come to know that patient doesn't have any desire to pass stools for a longer periods. Also sometimes family members tell them that this is something abnormal and they must consult a doctor and subsequently they visit the doctor. 

Thank you Dr Sharma, Dr Rafeeque ( I like your pronunciation Dryonia and wish you find the suitable name for other homeopathic medicines) and Dr Sushil for accurate interpretation.
Thanks for that idea! I will surely try to make some nicknames for homeopathic medicines. During my school days, i was very famous in giving nicknames to my friends. Some of my friends are still known by the names I had given!!!

Dr Rafeeque,

It is the best way to remember the central theme of every medicine.


Fun idea!
As You said, Dr Rafeeque in school days you are famous to give nick name to friends,perhaps you give these names to see their quality & weakness, so in homoeopathy on the basis of characteristic of symptoms we can give the name to a remedy, as Sushil gave Dryonia due to dryness of M.M. so please share some name of homoeo. medicine.


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