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Read through the whole way first, then go back and follow the instructions


Please Open FIle ~>  BlogTalkRadio Instructions with images and read over carefully.

Register your profile before the show begins.

Visit other BTR shows to get a hang of how they work.

Dear Guest Speaker on the BlogTalkRadio Show

I usually call in to the show line 5 minutes early.

Sound Equipment

For the best sound WEAR A HEADSET

If you don't have a headset you may use the speakers on your computer

When you get on the show page turn down the sound volume control there.

You will be listening on the headset and do not want the echo from the speakers.

To Get Connected Call in via Skype or Telephone:

You will be using SKYPE or your telephone to call in. 

If you have a SKYPE account it will be free to talk. 

You will need to wait for the beginning of the show when the ON-AIR red light shows and the SKYPE button is displayed. You may need to refresh the page.

  • Keep your Skype open during the show
  • CALL IN GUEST NUMBER via telephone or skype to the show 347-945-6956
  • If you live in the United States I also have the ability to call your telephone number to connect you to the show. But, do not usually use this function unless necessary 

Sound Check

We can test that our sound is good ahead of time by calling in to some other show, or planning ahead with a test call. Although, every show may have its own internet connect glitches. If you can hardwire using the ethernet port on your computer directly into the modem, you will get the best connection. 

  • Sometimes when people move their head and arms around when talking this can cause uneven sound.



Getting On BlogTalkRadio Instructions

Enter into the search bar

You will see a little Microphone icon when you enter the URL

You've Arrived! Let's break it down

When Logging On To The Show Enter Your Name
Use your registered name (YourRealName) and enter your password to sign in


The Attached document at top of page has illustrations

First you need to REGISTER


  • You may choose to register by linking to your FaceBook Account 
    if you want the two social networks connected
  • Create your USERNAME - Use your real name
  • Enter your email, password and confirm it from your email notification
  • FINISH: Just want to listen, interact and follow shows.

The Second Section Is Not For This Show As A Guest

  • Only if you plan to be a HOST do you fill out PART 2
  • Enter Show Title, Profile Description, Select a Category, Show Visibility
  • If you choose to Host Your Own Shows - This is not to be on the HWC Show, You will incur monthly fees

Each Time Your Enter

  • Enter either through FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, or Google or your registered name and password
  • If you do not want the BlogTalkRadio to be connected to your other Social Networks, it is preferable to enter a USERNAME and create a PASSWORD
  • To make it convenient to log in each time click REMEMBER ME on your personal computer
  • If you ever forget your password you can always retrieve it
  • SIGN IN Using your UserName and Password

Getting Listeners to the Show

Promote the Show

1. Like on FaceBook

2. Tweet to followers

3. Email to a friend

4. Share on many social networks

5. Write a blog entry about your special guest appearance

5. Get the Embed code to post widget on your website or blog


You will feel most comfortable if you have prepared ahead of time, tested the feel for the page layout, know where to find the chat section and have signed in 

Get on BTR main page any time day or night and visit someone's show. 

Get on their chat section and see how it works.

Look for the ON-AIR Button and the CALL IN TO SKYPE button

Now you are ready

HWC BTR Show Begins

  • You will hear the music and intro begin -->>>
  • The start up will just be Special BlogTalkRadio
  • As show host, I will introduce the guest
  • I will introduce you and then begin asking questions.
  • We will have established the show time for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, the show will cut off abruptly unless I am able to lengthen the show time for that day.
  • We will check the chat for comments to read on air
  • I will check for any other callers to the show 

You will hear the show on your headset 

while there will be a delay on the computer speakers for those

who are listening.

I always check the LIVE CHAT and be prepared for interruptions if we 

have comments and questions. It is a free flow. So, do pause

now and then to see if I want to jump in.

Break a leg! It's show time

Thank you for being a guest on the HWC BlogTalkRadio Show

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