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                                                                                       By DR SARANG RAHALKAR.

Baryta carb belongs to the Group II A of Periodic table. The basic feeling of this group is the feeling of dependency. To understand Baryta carb we should try to understand barium as an element.

Physiologically barium is actually not necessary in our body but it takes the place of calcium and produces actions similar to the excess of calcium. Constitutionally therefore this over excess is expressed in terms of psycho-syphilitic and syphilitic traits, for e.g. scrofulous state, dwarfish and backward mentally and physically, idiotic, foolish and imbecile. Old people behaving like a child.

Kent has very beautifully explained the dwarfishness of Baryta. He says that, “You realize what precocity means; young persons who are unusually brilliant; well advanced mentally. We say they are beyond their years. They are precocious. Get this in mind first, and think what it means; and then in the Baryta carb. constitution we have the very opposite state. That is what we mean by dwarfishness.”

Thus Baryta carb is physically and mentally diminished. They are slow and inept. We find them slow in comprehension, in actions and movements. They are bashfull, timid. Due to this we find them very anxious in front of strangers. They would not like to mix with people. Feels awkward and may have fear in communicating or comprehending with people. Many rubric suggest these facets of Baryta.

AILMENTS FROM - embarrassment

ANXIETY - strangers, in the presence of

AWKWARD - bashfulness; from

CAUTIOUS - anxious

CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence

FEAR - people; of - children, in

TIMIDITY - children; in

TIMIDITY – bashful

TIMIDITY - strangers; in presence of


The strong feeling of Baryta carb is his insecurity and his incompetence. Baryta carb feels he is dependent on others. The basic problem lies in inability and incapability of learning to proper things at proper time. Kent says, “ Children are late coming into usefulness; or activity; late with their studies; late learning to talk; late learning to read; late learning to make the combinations that enter into life; late learning to take in images, and form perceptions; to take on their activities; to do their work.” Basic differentiation between Baryta and Calcarea is that Baryta is late in learning to walk because of its mental inability. While calcarea is late in learning to walk is due to its physical inability. So ‘late to walk’ is Calcarea and ‘Late in learning to walk’ is Baryta.


The bashfulness and timidity creates an aversion for strangers and the get aggravated in front of strangers. Somehow Baryta understands he is mentally is incapable. So the idea of being laughed at or watched or mocked always troubles Baryta. He tries to remain aloof and alone. Do not want to get mixed or be social. ‘DELUSION LAUGHED AT AND MOCKED AT BEING’. He fears that he would get criticized, ‘DELUSION CRITICIZED SHE IS’. This creates the fear of what others would say about him. ‘FEAR- OPINION OF OTHERS, OF’. This leads to want of self confidence of Baryta.


Here the remedies that close are Calcarea and Silicea. In Calcarea we have Fear opinion of others and Delusion criticized but the reaction of Calcarea would be of not exposing itself. Calcarea is intelligent enough to understand the situation and would try to be more protective. To protect himself Calcarea would go into the shell. Silicea individuals may not express themselves openly and can appear timid in a group situation, but on the inside they know exactly how they feel. Baryta carb people are truly confused about their own feelings and rarely form fully realized opinions.


The major feeling of security of Baryta is his own house and with his own people around. Baryta tries to remain busy and industrious in his own work. They can be people who take on responsibilities in life for family and can become real homemakers. They are very busy in their day to day activities but these activity are mostly confined to their house.







By this we can understand that they try to keep themselves busy and occupied so as to avoid the conversation with people. But in their activity they remain hurried, hasty and impatient.


Baryta carb has enormous LACK OF SELF CONFIDENCE. They are irresolute and indecisive. Irresolution is seen in taking small decisions. For e.g. he may prepare for going to the journey but at last moment would cancel everything and stay home.


In Baryta carb there is strong feeling of being UGLY and INCOMPITENT. The dwarfishness at mental and physical level is somewhere is responsible for this feeling. They may become very insecure about their body image. DELUSION UGLY, BODY LOOKS UGLY. So to hide this feeling Baryta does all sorts of possible things like diets, make up, facial surgery. There can be obsession to look good.

Due to shyness and fearful nature Baryta carb lacks in comprehending with others. They answer slowly with lot of pause and thinking as they are late in perceiving the questions.



Baryta has infantile dependency, anxiety and bashfulness. They are totally dependent and always need support. They feel they should take many responsibilities but the learning inability becomes the hurdle and the learning inability make them helpless and handicap.  As if they are unable to stand on their own feet ‘DELUSION LEGS ARE CUTOFF’ and ‘DELUSION HE IS WALKING ON HIS KNESS’. All these are the negative shades of Baryta carb. But these people can be very contentious anxious for others and are simple minded people and CREDULOUS.

They understand simple things do not understand in complexity. Baryta people can be OBSTINATE, HEADSTRONG. They may have fixed ideas but these ideas may have no logic.

Dr Vijaykar has beautifully gave us the theme of Baryta carb as MISPLACED


To sum up in Baryta carbonicum we find:

1. Dwarfish mentally and physically.

2. Childish, foolish behavior.

3. Heedless

4. Foolish and undue boldness.

5. Credulous - can be cheated again and again, remains untrained.

6. Idiocy.

7. Want of confidence

8. Fearful – strangers, ghost, laughed and mocked at, etc.

9. Timidity and bashfulness

10. Awkward and makes mistakes again and again.

11. Answers wrongly after a long thought.

12. Cannot learn due to mental incapacity.

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