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JJ 34 yrs, working in a MNC at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


Presenting Complaints:

Infertility 2.5 yrs duration.

History of Presenting Complaints:

Azoospermia on Semen Analysis.
Detected varicocele on colour doppler study.Undergone Surgeory(TVL) 6 months back.
Diagnosed as Spermatogenic maturation arrest on testicular biopsy.

History of Past Illness:

Haemorrhoids > with Nat-m 50M ( 19-04-05 )

Family History:

Brother - Infertility - Oligospermia - > with Phos CM.

Personal History:

No habit of tobacco smoking or alcoholism.

Treatment History :

Allopathic for 6 months.


Generals :

Recurrent constipation. < meat.
Prefers to lie on left side during sleep.


Snoring during sleep
White spots on nails.
Warts on back of right hand
Warts on right index finger and ring finger, close to nails.


Investigation : ( See the attachments 1 and 2 )

Semen Analysis : Azoospermia ; Low fructose.
Colour doppler study : Bilateral varicocele.
                       Bilateral small sized testes, suggestive of atrophic changes.
Testicular Biopsy Report : Spermatogenic maturation arrest




Repertory Chart :


 Reg. No.  :16499
 Date        :05/01/2007
 Name      :JJ

 Age         :33
 Rubrics Selected
 2.Sleep,Position,side, on,left
 3.Rectum,Constipation general ,chronic
 4.Hands,Warts,back of hand
 Medicines     Marks              Total/Rubrics
 Sep            11211                 6/5
 Sulph           22101                 6/4

 Remaining symptoms : ( PDF )

 1.Food, meat agg: Sep, Sulph
 2.Male, infertility: Sep, Sulph.
 3.Male, azoospermia: Sep, sulph.
 4.Sleep, snoring respiration: Sep, sulph
 5.Hands, warts, fingers, nails close to: Sep
 6.Male, small testes:


See the rubric Male Infertility

More on my Method of Repertorisation


Prescribtion :


Sepia CM/1d on 05-01-07, 20-04-07 and 19-10-07.


Follow up Investigations : ( See the attachment 3 )


( Usually in Azoospermia Cases semen analysis is done 75 days after the first dose of medicine because, sperm formed today appears in semen only after 72-74 days. In this case, the low fructose value points to a chance of obstruction of vas and that was the reason why i suggested an analysis after one month )

SA on 03-02-07 : Count : 03 million/ml; Active motile 00%, Sluggish 40%
SA on 16-03-07 : Count : 28 million/ml; Active motile 00%, Sluggish 40%
SA on 11-08-07 : Count : 20 million/ml; Active motile 20%, Sluggish 25%

Patients Wife Pregnancy +ve in 10th month 2007.


On his first visit with his baby to my clinic, He gave me a gift - T.F.Allen's 'A Handbook of

Homoeopathic materia Medica' !



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Good. Only homeopathy can do that.

Great use of repertory

It is an admitted fact that in all other therapies, it is almost impossible to cure Azoospermia, and one has to find recourse to various methods like ICSI. If the patient had uncorrectable obstruction or testicular failure, the couple's choices for parenting are donor insemination or adoption, with no options available for having their own biological children. Credit goes to Dr.Saji for this successful case.

Dear Saji,
Considering regional symptoms alone it is still sepia. It means that if we repertorize the case with regional symptoms we can come close to the similar remedy though risky.
EXTREMITIES - DISCOLORATION - Fingers - Nails - white - spots
EXTREMITIES - WARTS - Hands - Back of hands


Dear Dr Sajjad akram

That may be true in this case, but may not be in others. A fraction of a case may point to a remedy but we need the others for confirmation. If a case contains only regionals then we will prescribe on the basis of those symptoms only no?

The rubric you took seems different.( Breathing - snuffling )
Snoring during sleep is what i mean and it contains 143 medicines in Complete repertory.

The result if work out those three in my repertory is

Nit ac - 211 - 4/3
Ars - 111 - 3/3
Sep - 111 - 3/3

Sepia is there along with the two other competing medicines

Very good Dr It is very good Homoeopathy remedy
with regards
Thank you Dr Asok Kumar
Very good cure and nice case taking in spite of absence of Mentals.
Thank you...
I rarely go for mentals

Is there any role of vitamin c in oligospermia or azoospermia?

It is said that vitamin c reduces sperm agglutination and improves sperm quality in smokers. It protects sperm from oxidative damage.

Best of luck Dr. K. Saji.


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